• YMCA swimming lessons provide water safety skills for children of all ages.
  • Please note the centre will close at 6pm on Saturday 30th June and the pools will close 15 minutes before the centre does.

Customer service charter

Aquarena Customer Service Charter

The purpose of this charter

We aim to provide you, our customers with a very high level of customer service.

This charter sets out our promises to you, so that you can know what to expect when you do business with us, and how to complain if we don't meet these standards.

We also have expectations of how you will treat other customers and our staff, and these are also outlined in our charter.

These standards will be measured and reviewed annually, using both customer and staff feedback.

1. Underlying values

Our management style and customer interaction will reflect the YMCA's values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Caring

2. Communication

• We are contactable during opening hours
Monday- Thursday 5.30am-10pm
Friday 5.30am-8pm (extended to 10pm during daylight savings)
Saturday 7am-8pm
Sunday 8am-8pm
Public Holidays Please see website or reception to confirm opening hours.
Any changes to these hours will be advertised on our website and at reception.

You can contact us:

1. In person or in writing at Aquarena, 139-153 Williamsons Road Doncaster, 3108
2. By telephone 9848 0000
3. By Fax: 9840 1530
4. By email: aquarena@ymca.org.au
5. via contact us on our website: www.aquarena.ymca.org.au

• We will acknowledge customer emails within 2 working days
• We will respond by telephone or in writing to customer enquiries within 2 working days: Where customers have indicated that they would like a response, feedback forms will be responded to within 5 working days
• Written requests for credits and refunds will be processed within 3 weeks
• Our website is updated weekly
• Current information and prices for products and services are available on our website and in our brochures at reception
• The terms and conditions for our services will be written in clear language

3. Safety

• All rostered staff will hold a current CPR certificate as well as qualifications appropriate to their area of employment
• All staff and volunteers undergo a police check when employed
• Aquarena will maintain accreditation with Australian Childhood Foundation as a child safe organisation. This includes all staff who work with children undergoing a Working With Children check
• Regular emergency evacuation practices will be held

4. Privacy

• Customer's privacy will be protected in accordance with the National Privacy Act Principles
• We do not give or sell your personal information to other organisations except where required by law
• For more information, please see the Manningham YMCA Privacy Policy, available from reception or on our website

5. Access

• We will provide a wide variety of programs and services which promote a healthier, happier life-style
• We will provide programs and services for people within Manningham of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds
• Our programs and services will be safe and developmentally appropriate

6. Complaints and suggestions

Complaints, suggestions and compliments are welcome and can be made:
1. in person or in writing at Aquarena, 139-153 Williamsons Road Doncaster 3108
2. by email at aquarena@ymca.org.au
3. by telephone on 9848 0000
4. via contact us on our website: www.aquarena.ymca.org.au
5. by completing a customer feedback form at the centre

• This information helps us to improve our services to you.
• We aim to resolve most issues when they arise.
• Please see our complaint management policy for further information

7. Facilities

• The centre will be in a clean and hygienic condition at all times
• Facilities will be well maintained.
• We aim to minimise down time of any part of the centre.
• Necessary repairs and or maintenance will be organised quickly
• If part of the centre is not functional, information will be available at reception as to when repairs will occur

8. Front desk service

• Service will be prompt, friendly and professional

9. Health Club and Group Exercise

• Staff will provide individual and caring service to each member
• A health and fitness consultant will be present in the health club during centre opening hours
• Appointments for a health and fitness evaluation will be available within 14 days from the time of booking
• Gold and Gold Day members will be offered 2 program inductions after each evaluation
• Current class and instructor information will be displayed on the Group Exercise Board
• A variety of classes will be available in the morning, evening and on weekends and run according to our advertised schedules

10. Aquatic Education

• Lessons will be provided for people from 12 months onwards, catering for all abilities
• The major components of the program are swimming skills, water safety and personal development

11. Aquatics

• We will comply with the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations (Royal Life Saving Society)
• Independent water quality tests will be performed regularly
• Pool temperatures will be maintained at:

o Indoor Pool: 30-31 C

o Toddlers Pool: 31-32 C

o Spa: 35-38 C

o Outdoor Pool: 26-27 C

o Outdoor Water Play Pool: 26-27 C

o Warm Water Program Pool: 33-34 C

o Steam Room: 44 C

• Current lap lane availability will be published on our website and available at reception
• A minimum of one public lane will be provided in the 25 metre pool hall at all times

12. Childcare

• Operations will comply with Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
• The booking system will be fair

13. Help us to help you

We are committed to staff and customer well-being and safety. We therefore ask our customers to:
• Treat staff and other customers with courtesy and respect. We do not tolerate abusive or bullying behaviour
• Let us know if there is a problem
• Work with us to solve problems
• Comply with staff directions, centre rules and policies
• Be honest and accurate in your dealings with us
• Read the terms and conditions of the services you are purchasing
• Let us know if you do not understand any information we give you