• YMCA swimming lessons provide water safety skills for children of all ages.
  • Please note the centre will close at 6pm on Saturday 30th June and the pools will close 15 minutes before the centre does.

Aquatic Group Fitness

Aqua Exercise

Aqua Exercise is a popular alternative form of aquatic activity. The water can offer benefits including aerobic fitness, weight loss and injury rehabilitation. Aqua exercise is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Pryme Aqua- A fun social class involving gentle exercise to music. Designed for the mature age participant for general body conditioning. Also includes Aqua Zumba Gold.

Aqua Power- Achieve fitness for any level of participant (Beg to Adv) using a variety of techniques and equipment. Includes: buoyancy dumbbells, deep water activities, strength and toning exercises.

Aquacise- Ideal for developing fitness, toning and strength. Suitable for beginner and intermediate levels.

Deep Water Training- A challenging class using flotation belts and a deep water running component to send your heart racing.

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Aquatic Fitness Squads

Are you a keen swimmer looking to improve your endurance and stroke technique in a friendly group environment?

Aquarena's aquatic fitness programs cater for most swimming abilities and is a great form of exercise as it provides a whole body workout without placing extra stress on your joints and it can help improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Adult Technique Development- Adult technique development is a weekly session aimed specificly at improving stroke technique and efficiency in a friendly environment. This session is for members 18 years and over and will benefit those participating in both Aquarena programs and lap swimming programs. Coaches will utilise some of the latest technology for feedback and also monthly testing to help indicate progression.

Aquanauts- This is an adult squad specifically designed for the competent swimmer. It is recommended that participants have the ability to swim one (1) kilometre using 2 strokes. Aquanauts sessions utilise qualified and experienced coaches to offer training programs, stroke development and correction. The feedback given will help improve your training sessions within a friendly group environment.

Oceanauts- This adult squad is designed for the athlete whose focus is fitness for Open Water Swimming and Triathlon events. Distance and endurance are the focus for these squads sessions and incorporate good feedback on technique and racing skills. Our experienced qualified coach structures solid training sessions which will enhance your skills in a friendly environment with people who share similar goals.

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