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Warm water pool

Relax, rejuvenate and unwind in our warm water pool, steam room and spa area. 

Situated in our new aquatic zone, the warm water pool provides the perfect space for water rehabilitation, gentle exercise and relaxation and is heated to a warm 33-34 degrees. 

With a depth of 1.1m to 1.4m and with stair, ramp and hoist access, the warm water pool is the ideal location to recuperate, relax and indulge in a quiet and tranquil aquatic environment. 

Including a large new integrated spa (separated from the stand alone spa area), people of all abilities are able to enjoy our brand new integrated spa zone with direct access into the wider warm water pool area.  

A separate new raised spa area adjoining the warm water pool is heated to an approximate 38 degrees and provides the ultimate water relaxation experience. An infinity wall from this spa circulates water into the integrated spa below. 

Within this new aquatic zone is our steam room which invokes the therapeutic use of high wet heat to relax muscles and promote perspiration. Increasing overall blood flow and circulation, the steam room provides health benefits above and beyond relaxation and stress reduction. 

Use of these facilities will leave your body feeling revitalised, calm and refreshed and is the ultimate compliment to any complete health and fitness routine.

Warm water therapy has been used for centuries because of its proven healing abilities. It can increase the body's production of endorphins strengthening the immune system and healing injured tissue. Warm water therapy causes blood vessels to dilate supplying fresh oxygen and nutrients to muscles and joints, helping with the removal of waste products and speeding recovery.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Reduced muscle pain Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased relaxation
  • Increased blood flow
  • Faster recovery from injury
  • Energises the body and soul
  • Improved wellbeing
  • Improved sleep 

Warm Water Pool Timetable

Public recreation/leisure space is availble at ALL times in the Warm Water Pool, with full pool access available at most times during the day. Please note however that during the times indicated below, the pool area may be part shared with another aquatic program and or participants.

 Hydro = Hydrotherapy

 Partial Booking = Swimming lesson or access health program.

Date Mon 11th Tue 12th Wed 13th Thu 14th  Fri  15th  Sat 16th Sun 17th
Open . . . . .  Closed   Closed
 6am-7am . . . . .  Closed   Closed
 7am-8am . . . . . .   Closed   
 8am-9am . . . . . Partial Booking .
 9am-10am . . . . . Partial Booking .
 10am-11am Hydro . Hydro . . . .
 11am-12pm Hydro . Hydro . . . .
 12pm-1pm Partial Booking . . .  . . .
 1pm-2pm . Partial Booking Hydro Partial Booking Hydro . .
 2pm-3pm . . Hydro Partial Booking Hydro . .
 3pm-4pm . . . Partial Booking . . .
 4pm-5pm Partial Booking Partial Booking Partial Booking Partial Booking Partial Booking . .
 5pm-6pm Partial Booking Partial Booking Partial Booking Partial Booking Partial Booking . .
 6pm-7pm  . . . . . . .
 7pm-8pm . . . . . . .
 8pm-9pm . . . .  Closed  Closed Closed
 9pm-Close . . . .  Closed  Closed Closed


Please Note: Guests must be 16 years or older to access the spa, steam room and warm water pool and a wristband band is required for access to these areas.