• YMCA swimming lessons provide water safety skills for children of all ages.
  • Please note the centre will close at 6pm on Saturday 30th June and the pools will close 15 minutes before the centre does.

School carnivals


This document has been produced to assist with preparation and planning for annual swimming carnivals, swimming trials and fun days. Aquarena is a community recreation facility situated in a residential area.  Consequently several factors must be considered prior to conducting major events. These include:

  1. Interruption to facility use by Aquarena members.General guidelines have been developed to reduce the impact of major events on members of Aquarena and the general community utilising Aquarena.  

  2. Disruption to local residents.General guidelines have also been developed to reduce the impact of major events on local residents. Cooperation, planning and effective communication are key elements to successful major events.  

Available Facilities

The following facilities are included for use:

9 lane, 50 metre outdoor pool
Shaded, grassed area to the North of the water slide
Together with the general public, the outdoor change and toilet facilities
Dive Pool
Giant Outdoor Waterslides

Entry & Exit to Pool

The indoor facilities at Aquarena are out of bounds and not included in the carnival booking.  School entry and exit to the Centre is via the double gates to the South of the building.  The teacher in charge is requested to ask at reception for the Centre Supervisor, who will liaise with school staff throughout the carnival.


It is the responsibility of school to ensure that all students are required to leave the centre at the completion of the carnival and exit via the side gates.  Students may not be dismissed from school activities within the perimeter confines of the Centre.   This requirement includes students dismissed into a parent's care.  Students wishing to re-enter the centre will be required to pay the standard entry fee.


The Centre provides the following equipment for school carnival use:

  • 10 chairs
  • 4 tables
  • PA System
  • Starting Hooter
  • Lifeguard (s)

Additional requests for equipment can be forwarded to the Carnival Coordinator.

N.B: Starting Blocks will only be made available upon receipt from the school of the Signed Dive Waiver Form.


Students are not permitted to use or congregate indoors. This area is designated out of bounds.  Students are restricted to outdoor facilities.  It is anticipated that the school's duty roster will make provision for the posting of teachers at each entry door to Aquarena's indoor facilities to supervise this restriction. The grassed area between the Low Ropes Course and the chain fence is also designated out of bounds. 

General Public

The outdoor area is not closed to the general public.  They may continue to use the grassed area in front of the Café as well as the Toddler's Pool area.

Student Code of Conduct

We realise that 'out of school days' create an atmosphere of excitement and freedom from the general daily routine. The behaviour and demeanour of students is expected to be respectful of the fact that Aquarena is a community activity facility.  Centre members, other school groups, parents with young children and older adults will be using the centre at the same time as the school.  Students are expected to observe and abide by the safety rules and restrictions in place. 

Refreshments and Food

The Cafe at Aquarena offers a range of food and refreshments to teachers and students.  When placing your booking please advise if students will be permitted to purchase from the Cafe.

The Aquarena Cafe is able to offer a variety of catering options to schools for teaching staff. 

Disposal of Litter 

Ample rubbish bins will be in place during the busy carnival season.  The grounds and facilities at Aquarena will be clean and ready for use.  We request that schools take time prior to departure to ensure all litter and rubbish is placed in the bins provided.

Public Address System

The public address system is provided for marshalling and general announcement purposes.  As with most schools, Aquarena is situated in a highly residential area where residents cherish peace and quiet.  The busy carnival season at Aquarena creates some hardship for residents.  Minimal use of the PA system assists in alleviating the distress of our neighbours.

School Staff

It is recommended that school staff be allocated specific roles throughout the day. This will help to ensure the day is a success with the timely management of the programmed events and close supervision of students.


A roster of duty teachers to ensure restricted areas are maintained and safety guidelines are observed.  A duty roster should include:

  • Regular checks of indoor area (pools, corridor, change rooms, café).
  • Close supervision of students if they are required to enter the main building.
  • Close supervision of lawn areas, including regular checks behind the water slide and outdoor change rooms.
  • Administering minor first aid as required. Aquarena lifeguards are qualified to provide first aid support if needed.


Two school staff members can manage marshalling duties for all events.  The area adjacent to the dive pool and the pool concourse (at the deep end) are reserved for marshalling. 

Event Officials

  • Announcer: to use the public address system to call students for marshalling to events
  • Starter: to operate the starting hooter for events.
  • Timekeepers: To time students competing in each event. Depending on your program you may require one person per student in each event.
  • Recorders: To record place getters for each event.  At least one person for the first four place getters in each event.

Diving Pool

The dive pool area must be kept clear at all times.  Students, who are not actually competing in dive events, shall remain outside the perimeter fence.  This will ensure clear 'sight lines' are maintained for lifeguards.  It is the responsibility of the school to supervise this requirement.

Starting Blocks

Guidelines issued nationally by the Royal Life Saving Society constitute 'best practice' for the conduct and operation of aquatic facilities and programs.  To ensure Aquarena conducts programs and services that constitute 'best practice' schools wishing to use diving blocks must sign a "Dive Waiver" prior to the event commencing.

Water Slide

The giant water slide is fun to use, however safety is paramount and will be the primary consideration for Aquarena staff.  Guidelines for safe water slide use include:

  • Sliding in prone position either sitting or lying on back.  (NO head first usage permitted).
  • No stopping on slide
  • Riders must travel one at a time
  • Riders enter the slide only when directed by trained staff
  • 'Trains', 'chains' and group riding is strictly prohibited.
  • Exit the flume at the end of the slide immediately
  • Students must be 110 centimetres in height
  • All equipment including floaties, lifejackets (PFD's) are prohibited from use on the water slide.
  • Aquarena staff will refuse entry to the water slide as a result of violation of the guidelines.

Free swimming, free playtime or recreational swimming is unstructured and difficult to supervise in a hazardous environment and is deemed detrimental to safe risk management strategies. 

Full cooperation with this policy is anticipated.  A failure to cooperate may result in the school being asked to cease all activity or result in restrictions being placed on the day's events