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Instructor Profiles


Brian has achieved great success as a mentor/trainer/developer in both the fitness industry and in financial services industry that has spanned more than 20 years. He is a qualified Master Indoor Cycling Instructor and runs his own cycling instructor academy. As a sportsman he excelled across a wide range of endeavours. He is a 6 time Ironman Triathlete (incl. Hawaii 2005)/regular podium finisher and state champion in the sport of Triathlon from Sprint distance to Long Course & Half Ironman. Brian is also a member of the Spartans Club (10 + Melbourne Marathons), a former Professional Football Player/Coach, Accredited Level 1 Triathlon Coach and Level 1 Cycling Coach. He is also a regular guest on SEN Radio"


Penny has been instructing group fitness classes for 15 years as a certified Group Fitness instructor and has spent a large part of that time as a team member at Aquarena.  She teaches a vast range of classes such as Les Mills BodyPump, BodyStep and BodyBalance as well as Pilates and Precision Cycling. Penny hopes that the people in her classes will gain motivation, an understanding of exercise technique and execution as well as that magic element of fun. She encourages everyone to work hard to achieve maximum results however, understands that it is important to also make gains in a safe and appropriate way. Penny is a dedicated athlete, having completed a number of half marathons. She also regularly participates in road racing having placed 1st to 3rd in women's grade criteriums as well as completing the 250km Around the Bay ride which she relishes. Her other interests outside fitness are fashion, cooking and playing with her adorable nephew.


Morena has been in the fitness industry since 1998. She holds qualifications as a group fitness instructor, gym instructor, Certificate IV in personal training, spinning instructor, Les Mills BodyPump instructor and boxing trainer. She also holds the role of Group Fitness Coordinator at another health club. Her love of fitness has evolved from overcoming her own health and weight issues years ago, and understanding the plight of others. Through exercise, good nutrition and sheer determination, she has never looked back. Her motto in life and one she loves to share with her participant's, is that "whenever you encounter a challenge in your life, use the experience to learn and grow, rise above all limitations and think of all the work you do as a work in progress. Enjoy the process and love life"


Loretta has been a group fitness instructor for over 10 years and a long term team member at Aquarena. She regularly teaches freestyle classes, step, Les Mills BodyPump, BodyBalance and pilates classes throughout Melbourne, having trained in many of those programs for over 8 years. Loretta also specialises in corporate fitness as well as older adult programs seeing the benefits gained and their application for these groups. Her passion for the industry is evident with her busy schedule of not only teaching classes, conducting personal training and also helping to run the family small business. She aims to help her classes and patrons build confidence and self esteem, enjoy the process and achieve a fun workout.


Di has been teaching group fitness for over 15 years since the days of freestyle aerobics. She currently instructs Les Mills BodyPump, BodyStep and BodyAttack classes regularly around Melbourne. Di has held numerous positions in the fitness industry including Group Fitness Coordinator, but is actively pursuing her Certificate IV in Personal Training as she furthers her fitness career. Di believes that it is her responsibility to get the best out of all participants; she is a great motivator and enjoys the challenge of instructing and connecting with people.


Howard has been instructing group fitness classes since 1998. He is a certified Group Fitness instructor and a Les Mills BodyPump, BodyStep and BodyAttack instructor. He is an experienced instructor having taught many of the Les Mills programs and other freestyle classes (such as hilo, step, cycling) at various health clubs in Melbourne, including YMCA's.  Howard loves to motivate participants in his classes to improve their fitness and aims to make all his classes achievable and enjoyable. In his other life and work, Howard has held high profile positions and still holds title of General Manager at a large not for profit organization. He also is a keen sportsman involved in snow skiing and water skiing.


Mary has been involved in the fitness industry since 1996. A qualified VicFit group fitness and gym instructor and certified BodyPump instructor, she has a passionate pursuit to deliver a memorable experience to all who participate in her classes.  "I love Group Fitness because I like to try and get the best out of the people that come into my classes". She has had extensive industry experience in numerous high profile centres throughout Melbourne. Mary enjoys spending time with her family and friends, travelling and living life to the fullest.


Celine has been involved in the fitness industry for 20 years as an Aerobic Instructor & Personal Trainer & Sports Massage therapist. Pilates is now her favorite program. She has been competing in triathlon at an elite level for 10 years and gained various titles such as: World Duathlon Champion in 30-35, 1998 Selected in the National  World Duathlon team, Finishing top 5 in various International Ironman with a 9hr 45min best time. Gold Medal at the World Master game for the half marathon in 1hr 20min. Now retired & mother of a 17 years son & 8 years old twin girls she is passionate about getting people fit & healthy in focusing in body awareness. She has opened her own pilates & personal training studio. She is also the Gymstick Pilates Master Trainer for Australia after been trained by Michael King in Finland in 2006.


Although Cinzia has only been working at Aquarena since 2016 she has a long standing affiliation with the centre having been a member for almost 20 years! She describes Aquarena as her home away from home! Her genuine love and passion for group fitness is made evident from the moment you walk into one of her classes. Cinzia, a qualified personal trainer and group exercise instructor takes great pride in ensuring her classes are structured to target strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. She also highlights the importance of correct technique and execution of exercises and loves the variety that her classes provide her participants. Above all, Cinzia believes that exercise should be challenging yet fun. A highly motivated and enthusiastic instructor, Cinzia encourages her participants to achieve their personal goals, is genuinely interested in their wellbeing and pushes them to maximise each and every workout - all with a smile on her face. Cinzia is dedicated to her own health and fitness; you will often see her participating in group fitness classes or training in the Aquarena Health Club.  


Caterina (Cat) has been teaching Les Mills Body Attack and Body Pump for 10 years. She loves all programs that she teaches and couldn't pick a favourite program as they all have great benefits to the whole body. She is also a Personal Trainer specialising in HIRT (High Intensity Resistance Training), pre and post-natal exercise and effective movement training. She is a certified Precision Nutrition Coach and has a huge passion for nutrition, eating to fuel results and educating the members/clients she meets to eat better for long term sustained results.


Andre is currently ranked 13th in the 50-54 age group in the Australian All World Athlete race category for half ironman racing. He is a qualified indoor cycling instructor, Les Mills RPM coach and a qualified personal trainer. He also runs his health and fitness coaching business. Andre has run 9 Marathons and over 30 half marathons. He has run the New York Marathon 3 times all in around 3 hours and 45 minutes. He is both an Australian and USA accredited triathlon coach. He also works with people and athletes on a low carbohydrate nutritional approach to help his clients optimise their weight loss and sports performance. 


Tina believes that at any age, it is important that everyone gets involved in all different types of physical activities. During her first experience attending a Zumba class late 2010, she was inspired to become a Zumba fitness instructor. The love of Latin music with the dance aerobic style fitness was so rewarding to her, as this keeps our minds sharp, our body in tune and helps us to stay emotionally balanced as well. She is very passionate about being a Zumba fitness instructor, sharing her zest with motivation to all participants, to build up their stamina, boost their self-esteem, their ability to have more body movement and flexibility, while exercising for a healthier, fitter lifestyle; yet most of all, during a workout while burning a lot of calories, it is about having a lot of fun too.


Caroline teaches a wide variety of different styles of classes including cycle, older adults, circuit, deep water and kanga but at Aquarena she focuses on boxing and Aqua. She thoroughly enjoys teaching group fitness classes. She loves assisting her participants to achieve their fitness goals along with accomplishing things they never thought they could do. She prides herself on delivering an exceptional standard of group fitness class to her participants. She is determined to ensure that all participants enjoy and thrive on the fun and social atmosphere that she provides, whilst having an active involvement.  


With over 25 years of experience in dance, movement, health and fitness Dimi aims to bring a sense of energy and empowerment to her classes and sessions. She is a dancer who has trained in ballet and contemporary as well as flamenco Latin. Seeing casual users become inspired and motivated to become members and regulars in her classes is what makes working at Aquarena a bonus. A qualified Recreation Officer who worked for many years in disability services, Dimi has worked with many community groups to raise positive awareness and participation in fitness and wellbeing. In the last 15 years she has qualified in Body Pump, Body Balance, Pilates Level 1 and 2, Pilates Props and Gymstick. In 2013, Dimi completed her meditation teacher training and recently became a metafit Coach and kickboxing Instructor. Working at 5 clubs around Melbourne Dimi also runs her own business and believes in a passionate, knowledgeable and personable approach with her clients. 


Marietta Mehanni is an award winning Australian presenter with over 25 years of teaching experience in both land and water based group exercise. Marietta presents regularly at prestigious fitness conventions both in Australia and many countries around the world, on group fitness trends and programs. She is the international Master Trainer and Education Coordinator for Gymstick International Oy, developing numerous education programs for instructors, as well as refining and delivering the education for all Gymstick master trainers around the world. Marietta is a proud ambassador for the Continence Foundation of Australia and has been working closely with established women's health physiotherapists to spread the word regarding the truth about core and the importance of pelvic floor. She travels across the globe educating both instructors and fitness enthusiasts about what the core really is and how to exercise with appropriate consideration of the pelvic floor muscles.


Carole has worked in the fitness industry for 14 years and loves it! She teaches Pilates, Body Balance, Body Vive and Pryme freestyle classes. When she goes overseas she seeks out Pilates studios and high profile instructors for professional development. 


Howard has been instructing group fitness classes at Aquarena since 1998. He is a certified group fitness instructor and a Les Mills Body Pump, Body Step and Body Attack instructor. He also has AIM qualification in Body Attack. He is an experienced instructor having taught many of the Les Mills programs and other freestyle classes (such as hilo, step, cycling) since 1998.  Howard loves to motivate participants in his classes to improve their fitness and aims to make all his classes achievable and enjoyable. In his other life and work, Howard has held high profile positions but has now works for himself in property development and managing the accounting for his businesses. He also is a keen sportsman.


Ilonka is an Aqua instructor with over 10 years of experience. Her enthusiasm and attention on working those core muscles will keep you entertained and well worked. Her classes end with effective and well deserved stretches. She has a full time job as a scientist and instructs because she loves the opportunity to make people feel better and smile.


Dee came from the UK working in emergency, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation nursing. She had a late career change preferring to focus on prevention rather than cure and she hasn't looked back since. Dee is a Certificate IV personal trainer, Pilates, back pain and pelvic floor specialist focusing on older adult's fitness and rehabilitation. She takes regular Pilates classes at several venues within Manningham; as well as working part time as a personal trainer in the Aquarena Health Club, group fitness, pryme strength circuit and also in the hydrotherapy department conducting assessments and writing programs for new clients then supervising them in the pool. Dee is valued by pryme members for her extensive medical knowledge which she puts to good use, making her clients feel safe. Her pryme strength and Pilates classes involve a mix of band, circle and balls to add challenge and variety and her focus is always about good technique to avoid injury. She regularly attends courses to improve her knowledge and skills. Dee is a current National Masters swimming champion and holds several national records in her age group. She trains 6 days per week and her dedication and discipline enabled her to compete overseas twice in the Fina World Masters Swimming Championships where she finished in the top 5 in her age group in the World. Motto: "Don't dream it, be it".