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Personal training

Nothing beats the inspiration and motivation of having your own trainer.

Personal training is a one on one workout with one of Aquarena's highly trained and qualified fitness professionals. Your own trainer will provide you with hands on support, guidance and encouragement.

They will also motivate you to achieve your individual goals and help you to get the most out of your work out time. Whether you are just starting to exercise or are currently training competitively, you will immediately recognise the physical benefits of having your own personal trainer.

Outdoor Personal training

Personal training outdoors adds a huge amount of fun, variety and new challenges to your workouts. Power walking, running, jogging, boxing, or cycling, the opportunities are endless as you enjoy training with your personal trainer in the great outdoors.

You and your trainer can use any of Aquarena's facilities, including the health club, group exercise room, outdoor heated pools and more, to vary your training and keep you motivated.

The benefits of Personal Training include:

  • Receive an extra push from a fully qualified fitness professional
  • Achieve faster results and reach your goals sooner
  • Have your own coach
  • Improve muscle tone and posture
  • Break through training plateaus
  • Receive advanced training techniques
  • Receive more frequent guidance
  • Maximize every session
  • More comprehensive dietary guidance
  • Lots of hands on support and encouragement

Our Trainers

The personal training team at Aquarena are renowned for their level of expertise, qualifications and commitment to helping clients achieve real results. All trainers have extensive experience working across a wide range of fitness interests and attend ongoing workshops to stay up to date with all the latest health & fitness information.

Paul Manuel

Cert.3/4 in Fitness/Personal Training

Paul holds a certificate 3/4 in fitness and personal training along with a passion and zest for everything fitness. He has been a fully accredited gym instructor and personal trainer for a number of years. During this time, Paul has worked at various fitness centres as well as running his own successful personal training business. A 'people person', Paul takes great pride in his position as Aquarena's Health Club Team Leader.  He is an Adrenaline HIT coach and is also a member of the centre's group exercise team in which he enthusiastically instructs boxing, HIIT and core conditioning, each of which are very well frequented. Paul is highly motivated and thrives on helping people to achieve their individual fitness goals.  He prides himself on providing variety in his sessions and ensuring that each work out is challenging yet fun.

On a personal level Paul has run a number of marathons, has played football for many years and works hard to maintain his own health and fitness. His philosophy of "Your health is your wealth" is made evident through his ability to motivate, inspire and bring out the best in all that work with him.

Sarah Jefferies 

B Ex Sp Sc Hons (Occupational Exercise Science) / M Clin Ex Physiol

Sarah has completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science with Honours at Deakin University, and is soon to complete her Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology. Throughout this time, Sarah has also worked as a Research Assistant in the Occupational and Exercise Science research industry, and a Tutor/Demonstrator in Exercise and Sports Science at Deakin University. She has been involved in many sports across her time with a strong interest in netball, which she has spent some time coaching and umpiring local competitions. Sarah's goals and passions are in rehabilitation and management of chronic disease and injury, in particular, neurological and neuromuscular disorders, with a strong focus in helping individuals achieve a better quality of life.

Alanna Sheard

BApp Sci. (Exercise Science) Post Grad Dip (Human Nutrition)

Alanna has a balanced approach to health and fitness with a degree in Exercise Science as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition. With a background in sport, Alanna believes exercise is fundamental to living a healthy life and truly enjoys helping people achieve their goals.
Alanna has been a trainer at Aquarena for 8 years, now drawing on her experience to personalise programs for all different ages and abilites.
Alanna is passionate about functional training, making sure that each workout helps improve physical performance outside of the gym.

Jacqui Allen

B.App.Sci. (HM), Cert. 3 & 4 Fitness / Personal Training

Jacqui excelled in her Human Movement degree completed at RMIT and Penn State University (USA). Her extensive experience includes 20 years in the health and fitness industry, including working in the Health Club at Aquarena since 2000.  She specialises in corrective exercise, with a particular focus on the aging population.  Jacqui continually furthers her education every year, having completing many courses on exercising for older adults.  This has enabled her to stay up to date with the latest research and methods for training this important age group. 

Jacqui also has extensive experience in pre and post pregnancy training, functional training, fat loss and strength training. Playing sports is a passion for Jacqui, particularly Hockey and Ultimate Frisbee.  Her involvement in sports includes coaching hockey for the past 5 years, as well as being a Zone Coordinator for the Junior State Championships.    

Jacqui is encouraging, supportive and has the ability to relate to everyone.

Mark Cosgriff

Cert. 3&4 in Fitness / Personal Training / Cert. 2 Boxing Instructor  / Level 2 Spin Instructor / TRX Suspension Instructor / TRX Rip Bar Instructor / Certified training clients with Menopause / Pre and Post Natal Training

Mark is a fully accredited and highly trained personal trainer, who possesses a friendly nature with a positive outlook on life. With over 10 years of employed with Aquarena, Mark has been exposed to a broad range of clientele varying from the young to the aged, rehabilitating posture and injuries, Pre and post natal and menapaues.  

Mark prides himself on providing the most effective and efficient session to ensure you are performing at your optimum potential. As a keen learner of sports in general, Mark studies movement patterns to enhance your needs whether it be sports specific or life patterns in general to ensure that he is committed to assisting you, motivating you, and monitoring your progress as you strive to reach your goals.

Natasha Dinneen

Bach App Science (Exercise and Sports Science) Hons (Nutrition)

Natasha has completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science degree and obtained an Honours degree in nutrition. She has always lived an active lifestyle, initially involved in competitive swimming before transferring to triathlons and cross country running. Natasha has worked in the community and corporate sector in various health promotion roles, including working on a childhood obesity prevention program at the Royal Children's Hospital. Natasha's personal trainer experience and well developed knowledge in nutrition and eating/dietary behaviours enables her to develop holistic and personally tailored programs for clients.

After becoming a mum for the second time in 2016, Natasha also has a strong understanding of exercising safely during and following pregnancy. Natasha is also one of Aquarena's Running Group Instructors and always maintains a welcoming and enthusiastic attitude towards members and new participants

Cam Wynn

Cert.3/4 in Fitness/Personal Training

Cameron currently holds a certificate 3/4 in fitness and personal training and has always been passionate about being involved in the health and fitness industry. Apart from being a gym instructor, Cameron is also one of our running group instructors. He is always looking to further his skills and knowledge in the industry by keeping up to date with and researching the latest trends.

Having been involved in a wide range of sports growing up such as basketball, football, tennis and swimming, Cameron really enjoys helping clients achieve their sport specific goals.

Dee Sheffrin

Cert III & IV in Fitness, Level 1 Mat Pilates Instructor, Boxing, Outdoor PT Cert. Division I Nurse: Respiratory Nurse Cert, Asthma Educator, Cert's in Cardiac & Respiratory Rehabilitation & Chronic Disease Prevention.

Dee came from the UK working in Emergency, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation nursing.  She had a late career change preferring to focus on prevention rather than cure and she hasn't looked back since. Dee is a Cert 1V personal trainer, Pilates, back pain and pelvic floor specialist focusing on Older Adults fitness and rehabilitation. She takes several Pilates classes in Manningham; is a Pryme Conditioning and Lungs in Action Instructor at Aquarena and works part time as Health & Fitness Consultant/Personal Trainer in the Health Club.

Dee is continually updating her knowledge and skills so that she can keep up with changing directions and give you the best program for your needs. Her focus is always about good technique and avoiding injury.

Dee's enthusiasm for fitness and good health will inspire you to reach new levels of energy and fitness and a new found self-confidence. She loves to coach people to achieve their best by helping to set achievable goals and work towards them in small steps with hard work and persistence.  Dee is a member of the Doncaster Dolphins Masters and is actively competing in National and World level in Masters Swimming and trains at Aquarena 6 days/week. Ask Dee about how to set and achieve your goals.

Motto: 'Don't dream it…be it'

Tristan Joss

Advanced Diploma of Sports Therapy/ Remedial Massage, Cert III & IV in fitness/ personal training

Tristan has completed an advanced diploma of sports therapy/ remedial massage and Certificate III & IV in fitness/ personal training. After over 12 months in the health industry as a remedial massage therapist, Tristan commenced working with the other passion in his life in fitness. He has a sporting background in Football and baseball but loves learning about sport in general. Tristan is committed to helping people improve their health/ fitness goals and all-round wellbeing.

Mary Mavridis

Certificate III & IV in Fitness/Personal trainer/ Qualified Aqua Instructor/ Les Mills Certified Body Combat & Body Pump Instructor/ Qualified Barre Attack Instructor/ Certificate II Understanding & Management of Diabetes/ Hydrotherapy/ First Aid 

Mary has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years as a qualified group fitness instructor, aqua instructor and personal trainer and is very passionate about health and fitness. She is also a trained Les Mills instructor teaching Body Pump and Body Combat (program inspired by mixed martial arts). Mary can have anyone go from zero to 100 in no time, empowering her clients to grow and believe in themselves, understanding that exercise is just as much for the mind and for the health as it is for physical aspirations.

If you want to reduce body fat, improve strength and flexibility or just move pain free, Mary will use functional training methods to ensure you reach your goals. She believes in building a strong foundation through core stability and that consistency is key. 

Mary says, "I have the most rewarding job in the world. I get to motivate and keep clients fit, feel great from the inside out and to achieve life long positive changes. It doesnt get better than that!"

Bianca Saccaro

Bianca is a qualified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and prides herself in body transformation. Bianca's nutrition background also provides a platform to offer clients meal plans in addition to her traditional style of weight training in conjunction with a holistic approach to exercise to balance the body and mind, in Barre, Pilates and Yoga. Bianca's motto is, "Back to Basics" - Bringing fitness and healthy living, back to basics, and educating people on how to look and feel their absolute best, from the inside out. 

Brenton Watson

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science. Currently studying Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology. Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness/Personal training.

Brenton is a degree qualified personal trainer with extensive experience in the health and fitness industry. Previously Brenton has worked running outdoor personal training and boot camps, strength and conditioning for high school athletes and with a range of clients suffering chronic disease or injury on university placements. Being a committed hockey player, life long sports fanatic and fitness lover, Brenton will be able to relate to your training journey. Brenton is passionate about health, fitness and rehabilitation, and will always strive to help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals.

Mitchell Stewart

Deakin University: Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science/ Certificate III and IV in Fitness/ Clean Health: Performance PT Level 1 and 2/ Precision Nutrition: Level 1 Nutrition/ Rehab Trainer: Rehab Express/ Iron Edge: Mechanics of Lifting

Mitch is a goal orientated Personal Trainer with a strong passion for fitness and motivating clients to achieve their maximum potential. He is a personable and professional coach with a core focus on performance development and injury prevention through the use of personalized and sport specific programming. Mitch is constantly furthering his knowledge within the industry, staying up to date with reading, courses, and seminars. Mitch has grown up with a strong involvement in high-level sport, which has lead to his passion for strength and conditioning. He believes in strength training, mobility, conditioning, and improving overall wellbeing to develop changes in body composition and quality of life.

Harry Vogler

B.Sci. (Exercise Science) / M Clin Ex Physiol/ Cert 3/4 in Fitness / Personal Training

Harry has completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at Deakin University and is soon to complete his Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology. Throughout this time, Harry has gained a wealth of experience working with both teenage and clinical populations, having volunteered his time at Rowville Sports Academy and as a Research Assistant with various studies (i.e. Parkinson's disease, prostate cancer and chronic low back pain). Harry has also been involved in numerous sports throughout his time, with a strong passion for football, which has led to numerous representative opportunities (league and TAC Cup) throughout his career. Harry's career goal is to become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist where he can assist with the management/rehabilitation of chronic diseases and illnesses, with a strong emphasis on improving people's quality of life and their ability to perform everyday activities.

Guy Agutter

B. Ex & Sp Sci (Honours) (Exercise Physiology & Sports Nutrition), B. Health Sci/ M. Phys Prac

Guy has completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science with Honours, and is currently completing his final year of his Masters of Physiotherapy Practice at La Trobe University. He has been involved in sport for a number of years, previously playing football, cricket and completing his black belt in Taekwondo. He has also worked in amateur football as a Sports Trainer. His holistic approach to health and fitness can cater to any individual, whether they are looking for fat loss, muscle strength and hypertrophy, improvements in cardiovascular fitness, rehabilitation from injury or functional benefits in everyday life.

Guy takes pride in improving the quality of life of all his clients and is dedicated to motivate you towards your goals with a friendly smile and positive attitude. 

Sarah Kemp

Cert. 3&4 in Fitness/ Personal Training/ Cert.1 Kettlebells(level 1) / Cert. Nutrition and diet 

Sarah is a fully qualified personal trainer with many years experience. Sarah has a passion for all aspects of nutrition. She enjoys building on her knowledge through continual training/studying and pursuing a healthier lifestyle.   

Sarah believes in the importance of functional training and pushing the body through natural  movements . Sarah's aim is to show her clientele how to workout efficiently in the time they have, whether that be a little or a lot. With a sympathetic ear, she aims to show you how to improve your health and well-being throughout your life. 

Cinzia Fava

Certificate III & IV in Fitness/ Personal trainer/ Group Exercise Instructor

Cinzia has a long standing affiliation with the Aquarena having been a member for almost 20 years. She describes the centre as her home away from home!  Her genuine love and passion for fitness is made evident from the moment you meet her. Cinzia, a qualified personal trainer, group exercise instructor and Adrenaline HIT coach takes great pride in ensuring all of her sessions are structured to target strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness.  Above all, Cinzia believes that exercise should be challenging yet fun.  A highly motivated and enthusiastic trainer, she encourages her clients to achieve their personal goals, is genuinely interested in their wellbeing and pushes them to maximize each and every workout - all with a smile on her face.  Cinzia is dedicated to her own health and fitness. You will often see her participating in group fitness classes or training in the Aquarena Health Club.

Personal Training Enquiry

If you would like to find out more about how our personal trainers can help you achieve your individual goals and which trainer is best suited to your needs, then please call the centre on 9848 0000 and speak to any of our customer service staff.

Alternativelly, you can complete and submit the form below which will go directly to our Personal Training Director. They will then contact you within two working days to discuss how we can best meet your needs, and match you with a skilled trainer best suited to helping YOU achieve your individual goals!

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