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Pryme Class Descriptions

Pryme Movers Class Descriptions

All classes under the Pryme Movers banner are for participants aged 60 years and over. The classes are specifically designed in various levels to ensure older adults can achieve and improve their personal fitness goals at their own pace, through low impact cardiovascular exercise, strength and stretching activities.         

Pryme Active (high intensity) This class is for fit, active participants who wish to work on cardiovascular fitness. It incorporates low impact exercises with floor work and a relaxing cool down. Weights may be used in this class.

Pryme Active Plus (high intensity) This class is designed to challenge the fit, active participant who likes to concentrate on cardiovascular fitness and strength training.  This freestyle aerobic session combines routines as well as individual exercises to give you the complete body workout.  With the inclusion of hand weights, exercises are targeted to strengthen bones and help prevent osteoporosis. Floor and stretching exercises finish off the class leaving you feeling ready for the day ahead.   Classes are conducted to great music so you can sing along as you workout and the fun element to every session will have you coming back for more. 

Pryme Combo (high intensity) Variety is the spice! This class is for the participant who wants a surprise each week. Our instructor will choose two or three elements from low impact, step, resistance bands, weights, balls, abdominal exercises and stretching. This session gives an overall body workout in both strength training and aerobic fitness.

Pryme FIT (medium intensity) Functional interval training is a total body, aerobic, strength and conditioning workout. Each week will bring something exciting and different to keep your mind and body working. Modifications for all fitness levels are provided. This class gets you working at a great pace from start to finish.

Pryme Conditioning (medium intensity) Circuit classes are a great way to improve strength and muscle tone over the whole body with specialist resistance equipment and exercises in a fun, social, group environment.  A warm up, followed by a series of exercise stations, including abdominal work and ending with stretching and flexibility exercises and cool down.

Pryme Iron Man (medium intensity) Iron Man classes are designed specifically for men to work on strength training of the whole body.   The classes are in the form of a circuit workout with weights and a variety of other equipment. Each session finishes up with a stretch and cool down.

Pryme Easy (medium intensity) A class designed for participants who do not wish to do floor work. Includes low impact exercises, chair based flexibility and stretching work. Combined with weights exercises, this class is a great workout for both cardiovascular and strength training.

Pryme Core (medium intensity) This class concentrates on biulding core strength with the occasional use of hand weights. Participants will work on building muscle control and stability in a relaxed environment.

Pryme Zumba Gold (Medium intensity)  This fun class is for participants who enjoy moving to Latin American music. Zumba is designed especially with easy to follow moves where you can relax and let yourself go. The session is for the beginner who wants to do some grooving and for the more adventurous mover. 

Pryme Tap (medium intensity)  Beginner to Advanced tap classes are for participants who would like to learn a new skill or for those returning after a long period. These classes are fun and filled with laughter while learning the challenges of tap dancing. You will be tapping your feet and singing along after this session. 45 minute classes.

Pryme Strength (moderate intensity) This class is designed to strengthen the whole body with the use of weights and chairs. Weights work is ideal to assist in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Pryme Circuit (medium intensity) This 45 minute machinery based circuit class is designed to give you a full body workoutexperience. Exercise will be predominantly using the machines and there will be additional exercises with weights, bands, balls and floor work. A relaxing cooldown will leave you feeling great. Class held in circuit room.

Pryme Cardio Circuit (medium intensity) This session is based around workstations which is designed to give you a full body workout experience.  Weights, bands and many pieces of equipment will be used together with some occasional outdoor exercises.  All exercises can be modified if required and you will finish the class with a relaxing stretch and cooldown.

Pryme Aqua

This class is for any level of participant (Beg-Adv) to strengthen and tone your body. With the use of water this session is very beneficial to participants experiencing joint pain and loss of movement. With the buoyancy dumbbells and noodles participants can do deep water activities.

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