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Frequently asked questions

FAQ's Administration
FAQ's Swimming Lessons
FAQ's Aquatic Facilities
FAQ's Child Care
FAQ's Health Club

FAQ's Administration:

Pay by the month memberships

I have a long-term illness that is going to prevent me using my membership indefinitely. What should I do?

Please forward a medical certificate as soon as possible to the attention of the Aquarena Membership Administration Team. They will contact you to discuss options for the future use of your membership. 

How old do I need to be to join Aquarena?

We have a minimum age limit of 16 years. (The exception to this rule is our child swim memberships). We do have GymFit for children aged between 12-15 years. See reception for further details.

I am not going to use the aquatic facilities. Can I get a discount?

Use of the aquatic facilities is complimentary with Gold and Gold Day memberships. Our prices are competitive with centres, which do not have aquatic facilities, and hence no further discounts are available if you intend to use dry areas only. We do however encourage you to give them a go! People travel from far and wide to use them.

Can I come and have a look at your centre?

You are most welcome to come and have a tour of our centre at any time.

Are there cheaper rates available if I am going to be using the centre in off-peak hours?

Yes, enjoy cheaper rates for GOLD DAY pay by the month and term membership options.

The centre can be used during the following times:
Monday to Friday 12:00pm to 5:00pm
Anytime Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

Can I use my Aquarena membership at other YMCA recreation centres?

There are no reciprocal rights with metropolitan Victorian YMCA centres, nor with interstate or international centres.

Why don't you accept cash for pay by the month memberships?

We don't accept cash for a couple of reasons. Firstly, with over 2000 pay by the month members, we would have extremely long queues at reception when monthly payments were due! Secondly, we are able to keep administration costs lower (and importantly so too membership fees) by reducing the time spent seeking payment of overdue fees. Please note that pay by the month memberships can now be charged to normal cheque or savings accounts so you don't have to have a credit card to take advantage of this type of membership. If cash is your preferred method of payment, please consider our 3, 6 or 12 month term membership options.

How do I suspend my membership? 

We need to receive your request in writing at least 4 days before the debit day of the billing period in which you are suspending (The debit day is always the 1st of each month). For example, if you want to suspend in December, you need to let us know by the 27th November. A start and end date of your suspension is required.

A form is available at reception. We give you a copy so that you have proof of your suspension. You can also email us (aquarena@ymca.org.au), use the contact us page on our website ( /contact-us.aspx ), fax or send a letter to us, but it is your responsibility to ensure that it has been received at least 4 days before the debit  day.

Remember that the minimum suspension time is 14 consecutive days and the maximum amount of free suspension is 8 weeks each year. You can suspend for up to 6 months each year- a $10 per month holding fee is charged after you have used up your allotted 8 weeks of free suspension.

What is the billing period of the memberships?

The billing period is from the first day to the last day of each month (ie calendar months). Monthly fees are charged on the first day of each month. If the first is a weekend or public holiday, monthly fees will be charged on the next business day.

(Charges to a credit card may appear on your statement as late as 4 weeks in the billing period).

I'm not sure how long I want to suspend for. Can I suspend indefinitely?

You do need to specify the dates of your suspension but you can extend the length of your suspension provided you give us the required notice. For example you may have come into the centre in April to suspend your membership for May and June. To extend your suspension into July, you need to give us written notification by 27th June.

Your membership and monthly charges are reinstated automatically according to the dates you have given us. For example if you have suspended from 15th April to 15th May, your membership we be reinstated as of 16th May. Charges are processed on first day of each month. The charge for the part of the month 16th-28th May would therefore be processed on the 1st  May.

I am pregnant and I don't know how long I will need to suspend for.

Please forward a medical certificate to the Aquarena Membership Administration Team. They will contact you to work out your best option.(For example, the membership may be temporarily cancelled, or extra suspension time may be granted). 

How do I cancel my membership?

Notification of cancellation needs to be received in writing at least 4 days before the debit day of the next billing period to stop the next debit from being processed. (The debit day is always the first day of each month). For example, if you wish to cancel in December, you need to notify us in writing by 27th November. If you wish to cancel in June, you need to notify us in writing by 28th May. 

 A form is available at reception and you receive a copy as proof of cancellation. Alternatively, you can email (aquarena@ymca.org.au), fax, use the contact us page from our website ( /contact-us.aspx) or send us a letter but it is your responsibility to make sure that we receive it in time.

I am moving out of the area. Is my membership transferable to another YMCA?

Your pay by the membership is not transferable to another YMCA BUT if you take proof of cancellation to another Victorian YMCA recreation centre within 6 weeks of cancellation at Aquarena, they will waive the administration fee on their pay by the month membership options. Please note that monthly rates and services offered vary from centre to centre.


I am moving out of the area. Can I get a refund?

Please forward proof that you are relocating to an address outside the boundaries of the City of Manningham (for example a utilities bill in your name or rental agreement). A refund will be calculated for the unused portion of the membership minus a 20% administration fee. A form is available at reception. Alternatively you can email, fax or send us your application. Please note that the refund is calculated from the date that we receive your application.

I have an illness that will prevent me using my membership again. What can I do?

You will need to supply a medical certificate to the centre and apply in writing for a refund. A refund will be calculated for the unused portion of the membership minus a 20% administration fee.

How do I suspend my membership?

You need to notify us in writing in advance of you suspension dates. A form is available at reception, or you can email (aquarena@ymca.org.au) , use the contact us form on our website: ( /contact-us.aspx  fax or send us a letter.

How much suspension time can I take?

The minimum suspension time is 14 consecutive days. The maximum suspension time is dependent on the type of membership you have as follows:

3 month memberships: 14 days free suspension
6 month memberships: 28 days free suspension
12 month memberships: 56 days free suspension

Additional suspension time is available at a cost of $5 per 14 days (or part thereof). Extra suspension time is added after the payment of the appropriate suspension fee. The maximum total suspension time for each membership is 6 months.
Please note that suspension time does not accumulate when you renew your membership.

Is there an administration fee associated with fixed term memberships?

No, fixed term memberships do not have an administration fee. Prices are as advertised on our current membership and are payable at the time of joining.

Merchandise refund/exchange policy

Our refund policy for merchandise:

Our responsibility to you

Please read Aquarena's refund policy carefully

If the merchandise you have purchased is:
• Faulty
• Significantly different to the merchandise sample shown or described to you
• Unfit for purpose for which it is intended

You are entitled to choose a refund OR repair OR exchange OR credit.

Please keep your receipt

You will need to show your receipt as proof of purchase when applying for a refund, repair or exchange

We reserve the right to consider the age and condition of returned merchandise. This may result in a refund, exchange or credit being refused.

If you believe the merchandise is faulty, we may need to send it to the manufacturer to assess whether you are entitled to an exchange, refund or credit.

Approved refunds will be made by cheque within 21 days from the date of application.

Change of mind

When you buy, you should choose carefully. Please take advantage of being able to try on our merchandise. We do not usually refund for simply changing your mind.

Change of mind refunds will not be given if the merchandise was purchased more than 7 days ago, has been used, taken out of its original packaging and/or the original tags have been removed.

Change of mind refunds are not given for swimwear



FAQ's Aquatic Education:

How long should my child remain in the same level?

There is no set time your child remains in one level. The Aquasafe program allows participants to progress at their own rate and it is important that all key assessment areas are considered competent before progressing. Therefore it is not uncommon for participants to remain in the same level for several terms.

When do participants get upgraded?

Assessments are conducted on an ongoing basis, as each child is ready they progress. The Teacher In Charge (TIC) assesses participants at the request of the class teacher. If the participant is considered ready to progress the TIC will discuss available times with the family and place the participant in the appropriate class. Due to the nature of the reenrollment period no class changes can be made throughout this time. Any child deemed ready to progress will be put on the Request for Change list. A week is put aside at the end of the reenrollment period to work through the Request for Change list and families are contacted if a requested class becomes available for the following term.

What are the benefits of payment by Direct Debit?

Direct Debit payment entitles the swim lesson member to access the facilities for recreational swimming at additional times to the designated lesson at no extra cost. This fantastic benefit allows participants to practice skills as well as enjoy the facilities with family and friends. Payment by Direct Debit also includes automatic re-enrollment from term to term. This process eases the pressure related to re-enrollment for families with no lump sum payments and the easy change over from term to term.

Can I have a term off and still retain the same class time/day the following term?

Due to the popularity of the program no guarantees can be made your place in the program will be available to you the following term. Should you decide to have a break from the program you will need to enroll during the new enrolment period. After reenrollments and the Request for Change List has been completed, new enrolments can be taken. To reenroll into the program participants will need to be reassessed to ensure they are placed in the right level.

Do you have make up classes?

Due to the inconsistent nature of make up classes the Aquarena program does not offer them. As alternatives to these classes' term fee members are given group passes and direct debit members receive entry for recreational swimming at no extra cost. This system allows participants to practice their skills and enjoy the company of family and friends.

Can I book my child in advance?

No one is able to be booked into a class without first enrolling. To determine which level is most suitable for each individual an assessment is required. As children grow, what they are capable of may vary over time. There can be no guarantees given that the class/day/time requested will be available. First priority is to those currently enrolled in the program.

Can I enrol my child any time?

New enrolments to the program can be taken at the beginning of each term up until the reenrollment period. Once all reenrollments and requests for change have been catered for, new enrolments may be taken. All new enrolments to the program need to be assessed to determine the appropriate level for the participant's ability. Once the appropriate level has been determined you can enroll your child in to the program. No assessments are required for preschool participants as the preschool program is age based.

Are there lessons every week of the year?

The program dates are based on those of the school terms. There are no Aquarena classes during the school holidays and there are no classes on public holidays, regardless of the day on which it falls.

How do I know how my child is going?

The Teacher in Charge is available to give instant customer feedback about the program and participants progress. Regular feedback is available from class teachers, however, if teachers need to get to following classes please speak to the TIC. Lesson plans and progressive role sheets are marked to ensure quality and accurate assessments of progression are made.

How do I change the day/time of the class?

All requests for a change in time of your class need to be made through your TIC. The TIC will then check the availability of classes at your requested time, if the class is available the change will be made, however, if there is no availability your name will be placed on the Request for Change list and you will be contacted as soon as a vacancy becomes available.

Do I have to get in with my child for their lesson?

Preschool lessons up to and including Tadpole classes require parent participation. This is a vital component of the aquatic education experience for all involved as water familiarization and water safety skills are important for both parent and child. During these classes teachers will explain how to apply these skills and techniques to other aquatic environments and situations.

How do I get updates on the program?

Regular updates on the program are made through the distribution of Splash magazine. Splash is a quarterly publication relating to the aquatic education program and is made available both on the Aquarena website and in hard copy. Splash includes latest news, tips, staff updates and profiles as well as other relevant up to date information

How can my child be upgraded to a higher level?

You will be informed by the senior teacher in charge when your child is ready to progress to the next level. Please don't  hesitate to speak to your teacher at the end of the lesson or to the Teacher in Charge if you have any questions about the progress of your child.   

Do you offer private lessons?

Due to the high demand for water space and the benefits of learning in a group, we only offer private lessons to people with special needs who are unable to participate in a group lesson. 

Do you offer make up lessons?

No, we do not offer make up lessons. Credits are available when 3 or more consecutive lessons are missed and a medical certificate is supplied. (Please see our terms and conditions for full details). Pay by the month participants are able to visit the centre at any other time throughout the year to practice their swimming skills and have some fun! 

Can I suspend swimming lessons?

No, suspension of swimming lessons is not available. However, credits are available when 3 or more consecutive lessons are missed and a medical certificate is supplied. (Please see our terms and conditions for full details). 

Why is $63.00 charged each month, no matter how many lessons are held during the month?

Instead of charging you different rates each month according to the number of lessons, fees have been spread evenly across the year, including January. These savings in administrative costs are then passed back on to you with lower overall monthly fees. Costs per lesson over the 2017 year (not including the administration fee) average out to be a maximum of $20.63 per lesson. 

How do I re-enrol?

Pay by the month participants are re-enrolled automatically each term, so you don't have to worry about queuing up or missing out on your place. A confirmation notice is sent each term with all of your class details. 

Are there any discounts offered?

For the third, 4th and more people in an immediate family there is a 25% discount off the administration fee.There is a 30% administration discount off the administration fee for people with an Australian Health Care card. Please note that discounts cannot be combined.

For Term Dates Click Here

FAQ's Aquatic Facilities

What is the role of the Lifeguard?

Many people mistakenly believe that once they enter an aquatic facility the responsibility for children's safety is transferred entirely to the Lifeguard. Aquarena Lifeguards assist with the safe operation of the facility and ensure compliance with safety rules. They provide customer service, education and will respond to and direct emergency situations. They don't replace parental/carer supervision of children. Aquarena YMCA reminds parents & carers of guidelines that require ACTIVE supervision of children at all times. 

What is ACTIVE Supervision?

Active supervision means children in your care are being continually watched by you or a person 16 years or older. Parents and carers should be ready to provide immediate assistance, including unexpected entry into the pool, and should ensure they have appropriate skills to do so. 

Can I leave my children in the aquatic area whilst I attend other activities around the centre (gym, group exercise, spa/ steam or swim laps)?

Aquarena YMCA adheres to the 'Guidelines for Safe Pool Operation', administered by Life Saving Victoria. These guidelines state "Children under 10 years should not be allowed entry to a facility unless under the ACTIVE supervision of a person 16 years or older." Children under 10 years cannot be actively supervised whilst you are in the gym, group exercise, spa/steam or swimming laps.  

Can I leave my children in the toddler pool area unattended?

All toddlers must be accompanied by person 16 years or over in the fenced toddler pool areas. It is recommended that this person accompanies the toddler them into the water. 

What lanes are available for casual swimming?

Signage down the far end (West side) of the 25m pool indicates the speed and availability of each lane. Signs are marked appropriately and guidelines are as follows:

Lane Sign Swimming Level Stroke Preference
Fast lane Advanced swimmers only Freestyle

Other slower paced strokes will be accepted if other lap swimmers are not disrupted. These strokes may be more appropriate in other lanes.
Medium lane Moderate paced swimmers All strokes
Slow lane Slower paced swimmers All strokes
Aqua Play Multi-purpose area Any activity that falls within Aquarena aquatic rules and policies
Aquatic Education Reserved for Aquatic Education classes only Not available for public use
Aquatic Exercise Sign placed at east end of the 25m Deep end of 25m pool is roped off and is not available for public use
Hydrotherapy Reserved for hydrotherapy classes only Not available for public use

Lane reserved signs indicating the time that the lane has been reserved will be placed over the top of a lane sign 15 min prior to the lane change.  

How do I know in advance how many lap swimming lanes will be available?

View table on the lap lane availability page of the Aquarena website. The lanes available for public use are displayed on this table. A brochure outlining the lanes available for public use is available in the main foyer. This brochure is updated on a fortnightly basis.  

What is the Lap Swimming Program?

At least 3 lanes at this time are guaranteed for public use for the purpose of casual lap swimming. One Fast, Medium and Slow lane will be allocated. Other programs will not be booked over these lap swimming program times. Lane availability for lap swimming outside of the lap swimming program times cannot be guaranteed.  

Do you have any equipment for use around the pool?

Kickboards are available for loan. A small number of dumbbells are available for patrons wishing to undertake water exercises however dumbbells are not to be used for play or floatation devices. Noddles, pull buoys, floaties and other toys are only for use in aquatic education lessons. Equipment is available for purchase at reception if required. Some rehabilitation equipment is available for patrons wishing to undertake water exercise. Requests must be made to the Lifeguard on duty. 

What time does the aquatic area close?

The aquatic area will always close 15 minutes prior to the centre closing.

9:45pm - Monday - Thursday

7:45pm - Friday, Saturday and Sunday

7:45pm - Most Public Holidays 

Why does the aquatic are close 15min prior to centre close?

The aquatic area closes 15 min prior to centre close to allow sufficient time for patrons to shower/dress before the centre closes. No patrons are to remain in the centre after closing time.  

Do you allow children to swim up and down the ramp?

Yes, but in consideration to other patrons needing to access this facility. Please supervise and make sure your children make space for and are not disrupting others. Children must not stand on the ledge between the ramp and the pool for safety reasons. Running is also prohibited. Patrons will be required to leave the ramp when needed for disabled access. 

What access is available into the swimming pools for people with disabilities?

A wheelchair ramp is provided into the 25 meter pool, near the lifeguard station. A water wheelchair is available. Please ask the lifeguard on duty. A portable hoist is available for patrons wishing to gain access to other pools.  

What change facilities are available for people with disabilities?

Shower chairs and benches are available in each disabled change area and rails are provided around toilets and showers. A portable hoist is available for patrons to use in the change room facilities if required. Requests must be made to the Lifeguard on duty. 

What temperatures are the pools?

The pools are heated to the following temps:

25m = 310

Learner / Toddler = 320

SPA = 360

Can you pay for the spa and steam after entry?

Yes. If you have paid for a swim and then you decide you wish to go into the spa or steam we charge you the difference between a swim and a swim/spa/steam.

Link to casual price list

How old must you be to access the spa and steam room area?

Patrons must be 16 years of age to access the spa and steam room area. Patrons are unable to use the  

Is it okay to eat food or drink soft drinks etc in the pool?

In the interests of maintaining a high standard of hygiene and chemical balance of the water we don't allow food or drink to be consumed in the water or on the edge of the pool. 

Where can I look for lost personal items in the centre?

Valuable items such as jewellery will be held in a safe box at reception. Aquatic items such as goggles and swim caps are held in the lifeguard station. Clothing and other items are placed in the blue tubs at the deep end of the 25meter pool. A description of lost personal items will need to be provided to the lifeguard/reception staff on duty prior to lost property items being handed over.. 

Can I borrow lost property items if I have forgotten my equipment (i.e. goggles, towels)?

Lost property items are not the property of Aquarena and therefore can not be loaned out to patrons. There are also hygiene issues with loaning out items such as goggles and towels. Equipment is available for purchase at reception if required. 

Why have the blue floor mats been removed from the wet changerooms? 

The floor mats have been removed primarily for reasons of hygiene.It is acknowledged that in any public changeroom environment where many people are walking bare footed there is an inherent hygiene risk. 

By removing the mats we believe we have significantly reduced that risk.

A Risk Assessment was completed and the following risks have been identified:

The mats were identified as a moderate hygiene risk.

The mats were identified as a significant trip risk.

The mats were identified as a significant manual handling risk when being removed for cleaning.

Because of the high quality of slip resistant tile on the floors, the incidence of slips in the changerooms, even in areas that were not covered by a mat, has been negligible.

An absence of mats enables the night time contract cleaners to clean the floor more thoroughly.

Lifeguards have been instructed to place an added emphasis on the cleanliness of the floor during the day.

In summary, it is now considered to be more hygienic to stand on the tiled floor than it was standing on the mat.



FAQ's Child Care:

How do I book a place in childcare?

Bookings are essential and can be made after 7.30am in person or by calling the centre on 9848 0000 according to the guidelines below: 

Members of Aquarena can book 1 week in advance

Casual users can book 6 days in advance

Occasional care places (where a parent leaves the centre) can be booked 5 days in advance

A second session on a particular day may be booked 4 days in advance.

Can I book a place for next week as I am dropping my child off for a session?

Yes you can. Please see childcare staff. However, please note that bookings are open from 7.30am and therefore the session you are after may be fully booked for the next week. 

How do I cancel a booking?

Cancellations are required before 7.30am of the day of the booking. They can be made by calling the centre or in person. This requirement enables us to re-book your place and give parents enough time to get organised for the session. It also means that when you call to make a booking after 8am, the wait time to speak to a customer service officer is minimised because we are only taking calls that are bookings.

We do appreciate if you can let us know as soon as possible if you no longer require a booking.  

If I wish to cancel a place for today and also book for the same session next week do I need to make 2 calls?

Yes, we do require cancellations before 7.30am. If you wish to book for the same session next week, please call after 7.30am. 

What aged children do you take?

We provide care for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years. Our licence allows us to care for a small number of primary aged children under 10 years of age. 

What are the session times of childcare?What is the cost of childcare?What is occasional care?

Mid week session times are:

9.00am -10.25am


Saturday session times are:

9.00am -10.25am


Note: Family constitutes 2 or more children from the same Family (ie siblings). Casual fees& booking arrangements apply for adults who are caring for  children in private care arrangements. (e.g. babysitting). Please see staff for further details. 

Occasional care allows parents to leave the centre while their children are cared for in Aquarena childcare (for example shopping, a hair appointment or just a well-earned break). 

What is the cost of occasional care:Do you change nappies?

Yes we certainly do! Please bring your child into childcare in a dry, clean nappy. Please let our staff know if you have any special requirements.  We will change your child's nappy if required during the session.   

My child is toilet training at the moment. How will this be managed in childcare?

Staff are happy to support your toilet training goals. Please see a staff person so that your child's individual requirements can be catered for.  

Do you feed babies?

Yes- please see the staff in the baby area to let them know your baby's requirements. (You need to supply food and drink, which are both labelled). 

Can children eat in childcare?

Yes they certainly can!  Please supply your child with a healthy snack, breakfast or lunch. We discourage  foods such as chips, lollies and soft drinks.  

To minimise the risk of allergic reactions:

Foods containing nuts or nut products are not allowed to be eaten in childcare, e.g. peanut butter, nuts, nutella, etc.

A no food sharing policy is followed 

Children can drink and eat any time during the session. 

Are your staff qualified?

We are always in compliance with the Department of Human Services requirements for staff: child ratios and for most sessions we have more staff rostered than required by Regulations.

For most weekday sessions, we have 3 qualified staff and 2-3 unqualified staff rostered. For most Saturday sessions, we have one qualified staff and 2 unqualified staff. The number of staff may be reduced if we have fewer bookings or cancellations .  

There is always a nominated PERSON IN CHARGE each day, who oversees childcare.  This is often the Childcare Team Leader, Stela Mitea. On Stela's days off it will be another qualified staff person. Please ask any childcare staff if you wish to know who the Person In Charge is.  

How many children do you care for at one time?

Our licence allows us to care for up to 29 children at a time. 

If I arrive late, can my child stay later?

We cannot be in breach of our licence conditions at any time- therefore we cannot guarantee that we can automatically extend your child's  childcare session. Please see childcare staff when you arrive to see if this is possible.  

Can my child bring there favourite toy?

For safety, we do advise parents to leave toys at home- however toys of comfort are acceptable. 

What should I bring to a childcare session?Do I need to label my child's items?

Nappy, wipes and a plastic bag  for disposal.

Change of clothes as required.

Nutritious snack.

Sunhat and sunscreen as required.

(SPF 15+ or higher broadspectrum)

Yes, please label all items that belong to your child.  

I have lost something? Do you have it?

Please see or call childcare staff who will look for your item.  

Do I need an enrolment form if I am only using childcare once?

Yes, by law, we cannot care for a child until we have received a completed enrolment form signed by the child's parent or guardian.  

How do I get an enrolment form?

Enrolment forms are available from reception, childcare and on-line. We can also send or fax a form to you.  

Can I leave the emergency number blank on the enrolment form?

No, we do require details of another adult besides the child's parents in case of an emergency. Please see childcare staff if you are having trouble completing any part of the form.  

Who else can collect my child?

Those people who are listed on the enrolment form as having authorisation to do so (They can, but don't have to  be the same people as those listed as emergency contacts). We do need at least one person listed in this area beside the child's parents. Please note that photo identification may be required before a child is released. 

Can I leave the centre whilst you care for my child?

This is occasional care, which has a different fee structure (see above, under Occasional Care.) 

Can you tell me if my friend has booked her children in?

To protect our customers' privacy, we do not give out this information. Please check directly with your friend.  

Can I have a permanent booking?

We are sorry that we do not offer permanent bookings.

Exception: For a parent  who needs childcare because they are required to participate in their child's aquatic education lesson we have a limited number of permanent bookings available for each term. To apply for one of these places, please speak to the Person In Charge of childcare at least one week before the start of the term.  Cancellations need to be made as per our cancellation policy. Bookings need to be re-confirmed at least one week before the start of each term. A members-only childcare discount pass may be used for these bookings, and each booking may be for up to one hour.  

I am looking after a friend's child today. Can I include this child in a family pass?

No. A family constitutes 2 or more children from the same Family (ie siblings). Casual fees& booking arrangements apply for adults who are caring for  children in private care arrangements. (e.g. babysitting). Please see staff for further details. Please note that a full enrolment form must by completed and signed by the child's parent before they can be left at Aquarena childcare.  

My child is sick. Can I bring them to childcare?

To protect your child, other children and parents and  staff, please keep your child at home if they display any  symptoms  referred  to on  the School Exclusion Table as displayed.

For example:

diarrhoea or vomiting in the last 24 hours


high temperature


severe cold or flu

contagious diseases

Childcare staff may request that you pick up your child if such symptoms are apparent during a session.  

Does childcare operate on public holidays?

No, childcare is closed on public holidays and for 2 weeks over the Christmas/New Year period.  

Will you contact me if my child becomes upset during a session?

Unless otherwise requested, you will only be contacted when... 

your child is distressed or

in the case of injury or illness 

This is my child's first session at your childcare facility and I am nervous!

Please see childcare staff on your first staff and clarify that this is your first visit. Staff will explain to you childcare procedures and work to settle your child into their childcare routine happily and smoothly.  

I have a suggestion/concern/question/special request about childcare.

Please do not hesitate to talk to us. We welcome feedback at any time, and will do our best to fit in with special requests and requirements.

Feedback may be made verbally to staff, in writing via our feedback box located outside the health club, or by email

I would like to talk to staff about by child.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of your child's time at childcare, please plan to arrive well ahead of the session end time.  The focus of staff during childcare sessions is care and supervision of children. Therefore if the session is very busy, the team leader may arrange an appointment at a time that is suitable for you.  

Do you plan childcare sessions?

Yes we have a fortnightly plan aimed at meeting developmental needs of children, which is printed on the noticeboard on the left hand side of the entrance way of childcare. Please talk to us if you have any questions about our program.  

Do you make observations about children?

Yes, our qualified staff observe and make written records of individual children and groups of children. These observations are then used as the basis for planning activities and setting goals for the children. Please see staff if you would like further information

FAQ's Health Club

Are health evaluations compulsory?

Health evaluations are compulsory for members who are using the gymnasium. It is a policy of the centre that all individuals are given a thorough health and fitness screening before beginning a gymnasium- based exercise program. All gymnasium participants are prescribed a program that best meets their individual health and fitness levels. These sessions, with a fully qualified health professional, provide invaluable motivation, guidance and support.

I have never attended a gym before. How will I know what to do and how to exercise safely?

Upon joining Aquarena, you do not have to have any previous gym knowledge. We understand that starting an exercise program for the first time can sometimes be a little intimidating. Therefore as a new health club member, you are given 3 one-hour appointments with your own health and fitness consultant who will guide, support and motivate you through those important early stages.

After an initial health evaluation your health and fitness consultant will write you an individualised exercise program, specifically designed to meet your goals. The evaluation is followed by 2 program inductions to ensure you are comfortable with your exercises. This process is repeated every 12 weeks to maximize support, motivation and progression. There is always a health and fitness consultant on the gym floor to answer any questions or to assist you with your technique between appointments.

How busy does it get in peak times?

Aquarena is well equipped with cardiovascular machines that it is rare for all machines to be busy, even during the busiest times. Time limits on treadmills no longer apply due to the addition of more equipment in the last few years. The weights area is spacious enough to accommodate for the numbers during peak times with plenty of benches, dumbbells, barbells and Swissballs available.

Do I have to be a member to receive personal training?

Personal training is a one on one workout with one of Aquarena's highly trained and qualified fitness professionals. Anyone can sign up for a personal training session to help achieve his or her personal goals. Personal training can be used to increase motivation, get you started to a healthier lifestyle, push you to achieve your sport specific goals or as a tool to break through your own training plateaus. The personal training team at Aquarena is renowned for their level of expertise; qualifications and commitment to helping clients achieve real results. All trainers have extensive experience working across a wide range of fitness interests and attend ongoing workshops to stay up to date with all the latest health & fitness information.

What type of equipment do you have?

In August 2016 the Health Club received a major upgrade of both cardio and resistance machines, providing members with the latest, state-of-the-art workout equipment.  Our Health Club now includes:

A total of 67 "Life Fitness" Cardio machines

- 20 Treadmills

- 21 Upright Bikes

- 2 Recumbent Bikes

- 10 Crosstrainers

- 4 Spinning bikes

- 2 Powermill

- 2 Flex Striders

- 2 Steppers

- 3 Rowers 

- 1 Ergometer

BB / DB - a full range and multiple sets of dumbbells (1kg - 40kg), fixed and adjustable barbells (10kg - 45kg)

Bench press and squat rack with plates from 1.25kg - 20kg

22 machine single stations (Life Fitness & Hammer Strength)

3 dual cable systems

2 Synergy Machines

8 Plate loaded Equipment

Range of benches (preacher curl, flat, incline)

12 Swiss balls (45 - 75 cm)

6 Medicine balls (1 - 6kg)

4 Foam rollers (half and full)

4 Dura discs

4 Thera bands of varying resistance

5 Chin up bars


TRX bands

Bosu balls

Stretching mats

What do I need to bring for my workouts?

All you need to bring is a small towel (eg hand towel) and drink bottle.  There is a water station just outside the health club to fill up your bottle with nice cold water.  

Can I leave my bag in the gym while working out?

No. While our health club is quite spacious, we cannot accommodate every member's bags in the gym. For larger bags, Aquarena provides lockers free of charge and are located near the dry change rooms. For smaller items, we have pigeon holes in the health club - medium sized open shelves for jumpers etc, and very small lockers for keys, phones etc. Please do not bring any valuables into the Centre as the staff cannot be responsible for items that go "walking".

What clothes should I wear?

Whatever you are comfortable working out in.  Most people wear shorts or tracksuit pants, with a t-shirt or singlet top, and maybe a jumper until warmed up.  Any type of athletic shoes are fine, however your shoes need to have a covered toe and heal (ie, no thongs or sandals).    

What are your health club rules / gym etiquette?

For courtesy, proper hygiene, and safety to all members, Aquarena requests that each member abide by the following:

Wipe down equipment after use

Carry water bottle and towel at all times

Place bags in lockers rather than in the gym

Restrict time on CV to 15 min during peak times

Return all weights to original position after use

Refrain from adding extra weights to pin loaded equipment

Use weight collars when using barbells

Refrain from resting on equipment between sets (as other members may wish to use it)

Wear appropriate clothing

Refrain from dropping weights when excising

Use a spotter if possible

I accidentally left my jacket in the gym.  Do you have lost property?

Yes.  If you jacket is not where you left it in the gym (it may be depending on how soon you return for it), all lost property for the centre is taken to the two large tubs beside the indoor 25m pool.  We store items for 2 months before they are given to charity.   

I have an injury / medical condition.  Are all trainers qualified?

Yes.  All the health and fitness consultants at Aquarena are industry qualified, and most have also completed a degree in Human Movement.  Our staff attend ongoing training sessions to keep up to date with the latest knowledge and research.   

Is the gym always supervised?

Yes.  From open to close, 7 days a week, there is always at least one health and fitness consultant in the health club, with up to four consultants during busy periods.   

What are the busiest times in the gym?  What are the quietest times?

The gym is usually busiest at night times between 5pm and 7pm on weekdays.  It is also fairly busy at 9am during the week and on Saturdays.  The quietest times tend to be during the afternoon from 12 - 4pm. 

Do you have televisions in the Health Club?

Yes.  We have 5 televisions which display channels 2,7,9,10 and Foxtel's Music Max.  To "tune in" to hear the audio from these channels, bring along a FM radio and you can watch and listen to your favourite TV program while working out. 

Is it a requirement to bring a towel when coming in for a workout?

For courtesy, proper hygiene, and safety to all members, Aquarena requests that members bring a towel to each workout.  Towels are available for purchase from reception for those who have come without. 

Can I bring an ipod / radio / disc man to listen to when training?

Yes, however please take care to ensure you don't leave it behind.

Is there a time limit on cardio equipment?

During non-peak times when there is at least one of the same machines free, there is no time limit and members can spend as long as they like on the cardio equipment. For example, if a member is on a cross trainer and there is at least one other cross trainer free, that member can spend as long as they like on the cross trainer. Time limits apply on cardio equipment only when all of the same machines are being used. During these times, as a courtesy to members waiting, we request that members limit their time to 15 minutes. For members wishing to spend longer than 15 mins, it is quite acceptable to move onto another machine, and then come back (eg, spend 15 mins on the treadmill, then 5 mins on the bike until another treadmill frees up, then a further 15 mins back on the treadmill).