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Membership Terms and Conditions


Welcome and thank-you for choosing Aquarena. We look forward to seeing you at the centre, and supporting your health and fitness goals.

Thank you also for choosing to become a member of a YMCA-managed facility. The YMCA is committed to putting all profits back into the local community to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  Thank you for supporting us, your truly do make a difference.

Please read through this document carefully. It has a lot of really important stuff. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

1. Membership Types

The types of memberships we offer are listed below:




                Membership Provides Access To



  •   Health Evaluation and 2x program inductions
  •   Quarterly reviews
  •   Health club
  •   Group Exercise Classes
  •   Swimming pools
  •   Warm Water Pool, Spa, Steam (minimum age 16)
  •   Gold and Aquatic change rooms
  •   Use of a locker while at the   centre

    Gold Day

  •   Access is the same as GOLD membership, with restricted hours:
            - Mondays-Fridays 12pm-5pm (Final  
              entrance 4.30pm, Members to exit the 
              centre by 5pm)
            - Saturdays 7am-8pm
            - Sundays 8am-8pm
  •   Access anytime on public holidays.
  •   Access to off-site PRYME group exercise classes
      at any time
  •   Gold and Aquatic change rooms
  •   Use of a locker while at the centre


  (for 12-15 
   year olds)

  • Supervised Health Club program Tuesdays-Fridays 4-5.30, Sundays
    1-3pm (not run on public holidays)
  • Swimming pools
  • 14-15 year old members may access Group Exercise classes that do not use weights
  • Gold and Aquatic Change rooms
  • Use of a locker while at the centre


  •   Swimming pools
  •   Warm Water Pool, Spa, Steam (minimum age 16)
  •   Water Aerobics and Aquatic Fitness classes
  •   Aquatic Change rooms
  •   Use of a locker while at the centre

  Child Swim

 (for children
   under 16)

  •   Swimming pools
  •   Aquatic Fitness Classes (Oceanauts, Aquanauts)
  •   Aquatic change rooms
  •   Use of a locker while at the   centre

1.1 How old do you have to be to become a member?

Child Swim: You must be between 3-15 years of age, but have no fear! Under 3's may attend with a parent or guardian as a casual user.

Aquatic, Gold or Gold Day membership: You must be at least 14 years old

Joining as a Gold or Gold Day member aged 14-15: Your parent or guardian must sign your membership form and pre-exercise questionnaire. Group Exercise classes that involve weights are not included (e.g. Pump and circuit classes). The warm water pool, spa and steam room are not included.

Joining as a Gold or Gold Day member aged 16-17: Your parent or guardian must sign your membership form and pre-exercise questionnaire.

Gymfit: is for 12-15 year olds.

Joining as a Gymfit member aged 12-13: Your parent or guardian must sign your membership form and pre-exercise questionnaire. Group Exercise classes are not included.

Joining as a Gymfit member aged 14-15: Your parent or guardian must sign your membership form and pre-exercise questionnaire. Group Exercise classes that involve weights are not included (e.g. Pump and circuit classes)


2. Money Stuff

2.1 When do I pay membership fees?

From February 1, 2018, direct debit payments will be fortnightly. Your nominated account will be debited every second THURSDAY on an ongoing basis, with these dates pre-set. (Please ask for a calendar at reception if you need one).

Fees for memberships are ongoing and are paid in advance each fortnight by direct debit from a bank account or credit card. If the debit day falls on a public holiday, we may debit your account on the next business day.

Your first payment for your first fortnight (or pro rata/part thereof) plus the advertised administration fee is due on the day you join.

Fees may take a few days to be charged to your account, so please ensure you have money available.

Your account will continue to be debited until we have received written notice of cancellation that you wish to cancel (see 2.15 How do I cancel my membership?).

Memberships are not transferrable to other people, products or services.

2.2 Can I pay upfront?

You can pay upfront for some membership types. Please see reception for details.

2.3 Can I change my mind?

This agreement has a seven (7) day cooling off period. We hope you don't want to leave, however we understand circumstances can change, so if you do, let us know that you wish to cancel by email or in writing within seven (7) days from joining and we will refund your initial payment less the administration fee.

2.4 Please remember your commitment:

  • Make sure that there is enough money in your account to meet the debit amount  on the debit dates
  • Make sure that your account is able to accept direct debits
  • Let us know if your account is transferred or closed
  • If you want the debits to be charged to a different account, please provide us with new details in writing at least 3 days before a payment day
  • Check your account statement to make sure that the amounts debited from your account are correct

2.5 What happens if I am not the account holder?

If you are not the account holder, please forward all correspondence from us about membership payments to the account holder (e.g.  owing instalments or failed payments).

2.6 Discounts for family members

We offer a discounted rate on the administration fee of some membership types to immediate family of current members if:

  • The family member lives at the same address as the Aquarena member
  • The Aquarena member agrees to pay for the membership of the immediate family member from the same account

Please see reception for details.

2.7 Some Key points

If we do not enforce our agreement rights at any time, it does not mean we have waived those rights, no matter how long we wait.

If there is an error or miscalculation in the Direct Debit Service Agreement Form, we have seven (7) days from when the agreement starts, to fix it.

2.8 What happens if a payment fails or is rejected?

If a debit fails, we will try to contact you via SMS, email, phone or in writing and ask you to pay (e.g. by making a cash payment at reception).

If we don't receive payment within seven (7) days, we may suspend your membership access and make alternative arrangements with you until payments are up to date and you have provided us with valid account details. Some costs may need to be charged to you, such as bank fees and interest, so please ensure you assist us in resolving failed payments quickly.

If a debit fails because there is not enough money in your account, you may be charged a fee and/or interest by your financial institution.

If we have not received payment within 30 days, we may cancel your membership. We will use our best endeavours to confirm this in writing. If you would like to rejoin, we will require all outstanding fees to be paid before you join again. 

2.9 Can I change my membership type?

Yes definitely (as long as you meet the minimum age requirements and have met all minimum term requirements).To request a change in membership type, let us know by email, web form or in writing, providing 14 days' notice.

If you are changing to a membership type that has a higher administration fee, and you have been a member for less than 3 months, you will need to pay the difference in administration fees.

We will confirm your change of membership type with you.

2.10 Can this agreement be changed?

From time to time, we may need to make changes to this agreement. We will ensure we give you at least 30 days' notice of any changes by writing to you at your last email or postal address that you have given us.

Please ensure you keep us up to date with any changes to your contact details so you don't miss out on important information. We will consider that you have received our notice or email on the second business day after it is sent.

2.11 Can fees be increased?

We generally review fees each year. We aim to keep our fees low and to remain competitive, however costs do increase.

We will let you know of any changes in fees at least 30 days beforehand by writing to you at your last email or postal address that you have given us. After we have given you notice, you authorise us to increase fees to your account

We will consider that you have received our notice or email on the second business day after it is sent.

2.12 How do I query a payment?

If you have a query about a payment, please contact us directly on (03) 9848 0000 so that we can assist you. Alternatively please email or write to us attention to "Membership Administration" to aquarena@ymca.org.au or 139-153 Williamsons Rd, Doncaster 3108. Please allow up to five days for any written correspondence. (We will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible).

If there has been an error and a refund is due, we will arrange a prompt refund. We will also refund you any fees or interest you have been charged due to the error. Please ensure you supply proof, such as a copy of your bank statement showing the fees that have been charged.

You can also refer queries about payments to your financial institution, which will handle your query in line with its own policies.

2.13 Am I still charged if I don't use my membership?

You can suspend your membership (see 3.2 Can I suspend my membership?) For how to cancel your membership, please see (2.15 How do I cancel my membership?). Please note: you are still charged if you don't use or suspend your membership.

2.14 How do I change account details?

Please inform us in writing, submit a secure change of account form available on our website or complete a form at reception at least three (3) days before a debit day so we don't miss the debit run. Thank you.

2.15 How do I cancel my membership?

Cancelling at the end of the minimum term:

If your membership has a minimum term and you wish to cancel your membership at the end of the minimum term, we require 4 weeks' written notice to cancel.

After the minimum term, the membership will continue indefinitely until you request us to cancel. To cancel your membership after the minimum term, we require 14 days' written notice. You can let us know by email or in writing, or by completing a form at reception.

If fees are debited to a cheque or savings account, you may also cancel your membership by advising your Financial Institution.

How to cancel your membership after the cooling off period:

To cancel your membership, we require 14 days' written notice. You can let us know by email or in writing, or by completing a form at reception.

If fees are debited to a cheque or savings account, you may also cancel your membership by advising your Financial Institution.

Cancelling during the minimum term:

If you have a minimum term membership and you wish to cancel during the minimum term, we required 14 days' notice in writing and the exit fee to be paid as specified on your membership form.

We will waive the exit fee if you are cancelling because:

  • you cannot continue due to a long term medical reason and you provide us with a supporting medical certificate outlining your inability to exercise/swim for six months or more.
  • You are moving outside the boundaries of the City of Manningham and you provide us with reasonable evidence (e.g. advice from Australia Post, or a rental agreement with your name on it)

Cancelling after the minimum term or cancelling a membership that does not have a minimum term:

We require 14 days' written notice to cancel your membership. This means that your final debit may be a pro rata amount.

You can let us know by email or in writing, or by completing a form at reception.

Cancelling if we change the terms and conditions:

You can cancel your membership if we change the terms and conditions of your memberships and the changes adversely affect you.

Changes to the Group Exercise timetable, centre operating hours, range of equipment and availability of facilities or places in programs are not considered changes to terms and conditions.

We require 14 days' written notice to cancel and explain how any changes to the terms and conditions adversely affect you. Unless the law states otherwise, you won't have any other claim against us if this happens.

Cancelling if we increase fees:

You can cancel your membership if we increase your membership fees. We require 14 days' written notice. If you have a minimum term membership, and you have provided proof that the increase of fees adversely affects you, we will not charge you an exit fee.

Cancelling if we are in breach of our obligations to you:

You can cancel your membership if:

  • we breach our obligations to you under the terms and conditions of this agreement
  • we don't fix the breach within a reasonable period of time after you have informed us of the breach in writing.

You must give us 14 days' notice to cancel your membership, providing details of how we have breached our obligations to you. We will refund you any membership fees you have paid between the date you have notified us of the breach and the date on which we decide that we cannot fix the breach.  If you have a minimum term membership, we will not charge you an exit fee.

Please also see also section 2.3 Can I Change My Mind? which explains cancelling during the first 7 days after joining


3. Membership Stuff

3.1 How do I access the centre?

We will take your photo and issue you with a membership ID band or card. For entry into the centre scan your membership ID at the gates or at reception. The ID must not be lent to or used by anyone else.

Please let us know if you have lost or misplaced the card. For a nominal fee we will replace the card. (Our current fees are listed on our website).

3.2 Can I suspend my membership?

Yes absolutely, you can suspend your membership for holidays, work commitments, illness, injury or if you just want to take a break.

You can suspend your membership for a minimum of 14 consecutive days and a maximum of 6 months in each 12 months of your membership. Once you have taken 8 weeks of suspension in a 12 month period, a suspension fee of $5 per fortnight will be charged for any further suspension you take.

To suspend your membership, simply notify us by email, website form, or in writing, giving 14 days' notice, providing the start and end dates of suspension.

We will consider backdated requests for suspension of up to 4 weeks from the current date due to medical reasons.  Please provide us with a medical certificate stating the period you were unable to use your membership.  If we approve the backdated suspension, we will put a credit to the value of the suspension time minus any suspension fees. This credit can only be used for your membership. We are not able to provide cash refunds. If we do not approve the backdated suspension, we will write to you and explain why.

You can use your membership again from the day after the end date of your suspension.

3.3 Can I return from suspension early?

Yes we realise that your circumstances may change.

Please see reception if you wish to return from suspension early or let us know by email or in writing, providing the revised date you wish to return. We will add the membership fees for the extra active membership days onto the next payment period.

3.4 How do I Change my details?

Please let us know by email, in writing or if quiet at reception, we can quickly assist if you change your address, phone numbers, email address, or any other personal information that is relevant to your membership with us

3.5 My physical condition

You must inform us of all relevant personal health and fitness information before and during any exercise program, service or facility we provide to you as part of your membership.

You must not use Aquarena while you are suffering from any infections or contagious illness if you are suffering from open cuts sores or minor infections, where there is a risk to other members and guests.

Let us know if your health condition changes after you join.

If you are a Gold, Gold day, Aquatics or Gymfit member, you must complete a pre-exercise questionnaire. You may need to get medical clearance from a medical practitioner before you can use your membership.

On joining, and each time you use Aquarena, you promise that you:

  • Are in good physical condition
  • You don't know of any medical reason or any other reason why you can't or should not do active or passive exercise

We may choose to refuse your membership agreement or suspend your membership agreement until:

  • Your doctor agrees in writing that you are fit to exercise
  • You provide us with evidence that you have received medical advice on an appropriate exercise program

3.6 Expert advice

Our staff and contractors are not medically trained. If you have any doubts or concerns about your health, we strongly urge you to seek expert advice before starting an exercise program.

3.7 Lockers

Lockers are provided for use while you are in the centre.  However they are not security lockers. Please do not bring valuables with you to the centre. We cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to your belongings while you are at Aquarena, even if someone breaks into your locker.

Lockers are to store your belongings during your visit only. Please take your belongings with you when you leave the centre. Lockers are cleared out each night and any remaining items placed in lost property which will be donated to charity each month.

4. Other Stuff

4.1 Paying for extra services

We offer additional services which are not included in your membership, such as hydrotherapy, water slide, personal training, swim lessons and massage. They involve separate fees and in some cases, agreements. Please see reception for details about these services.

4.2 Paying outside providers

Contractors, user groups and franchisees may provide services at Aquarena. If this occurs, you pay your fees directly to the contractors, user group or franchisees.

We do not take responsibility for the fees paid to these contractors and franchisees.

If you make a claim because of something a contractor, user group or franchisee has or has not done, your claim should be brought against the provider, not us, whether you have paid them or not. 

You agree not to hold us liable and to indemnify us for any claims suffered by you as a result of an act or omission by a contractor, user group or franchisee in Aquarena.

4.3 Assignment

We may assign or transfer any rights or benefits under the terms and conditions at any time without notice to you. However we still have to meet our obligations to you under these Terms and Conditions

4.4 Severability

If any part of these Terms and Conditions is or becomes illegal, void or unenforceable, the rest of the Terms and Conditions will still be valid.

4.5 Use of mobile phones and cameras

To protect the privacy of others, please do not take photos of other people without their consent or other children without their parent's consent.

Mobile phones, video cameras or cameras are not allowed to be used in change rooms and we appreciate your understanding in regards to this.                                                  

4.6 Safeguarding Children and Young People. 

We have a range of policies and procedures to keep children and young people safe. These policies are available at www.aquarena.ymca.org.au. Staff are required to report any disclosures or concerns about the safety or wellbeing of a child or young person. We also encourage parents/guardians to report any concerns relating to the safety or wellbeing of child(ren) or a young person. This can be done by:

a)       speaking to our staff  or

b)      contacting the YMCA Manningham Child Protection Officer  Ph: 03 9848 0000

Email: aquarena@ymca.org.au, Mail: Aquarena Child Protection Officer, 139-153 Williamsons Rd, Doncaster 3108

All children under 10 years old must be actively supervised by a responsible person 16 years old or over at all times whilst at Aquarena.

All children under 5 years old must be actively supervised by a responsible person 16 years or over within arm's reach at all times.

Children under six years of age may use the change rooms of the opposite gender under adult supervision. Children six years of age or over may use change rooms of the same gender OR family change rooms under adult supervision.

4.7 GST

All fees are GST inclusive where applicable. Your fees will change in line with any government GST rate changes. 

4.8 Some other important stuff

We are committed to staff and customer well-being and safety. We therefore ask:

  • Please treat staff and other customers with courtesy and respect. We do not tolerate behaviour that is abusive, harassing or bullying or threatening
  • Please follow staff directions and centre rules as outlined in writing and on signage. Your safety and comfort is our priority.
  • Please be honest and accurate in your dealings with us. We promise to be so with you.

4.9 Refusing entry, and/or instant cancellation

We don't like doing it but we can refuse entry to anyone including members, if they act unreasonably or do not follow the important stuff. We will endeavour to issue a warning, but this isn't always possible under extreme circumstances.

We may cancel this agreement (and therefore your membership) if you behave in a way that we believe is unsafe or seriously inappropriate such as:

  • Acting in a way that risks the safety of yourself or others
  • Threatening, bullying, harassing or racially vilifying others
  • Using illegal drugs
  • Damaging Aquarena equipment or facilities
  • Not following the important stuff

If this has occurred, you will need our approval before you can rejoin as a member again.  If you would like to be reconsidered as a member, please write to the YMCA Manningham Inc. CEO, care of Aquarena, 139-153 Williamsons Rd, Doncaster 3108 to seek approval to rejoin.

4.10 Guests

You are welcome to bring guests to the centre by paying the casual fee for the program or service, providing they meet the minimum age (please see our website or pricelist for current pricing).

Guests of Gold and Gold Day members may have a 7 day Gold membership at no cost provided:

  • Gold or Gold Day member is active
  • Guest works or lives in Manningham and provides ID with proof of where they live or work (e.g. licence)
  • Guest is first time visitor to Aquarena
  • Guest must complete a health questionnaire (they may be required to get a doctor's approval before they can start the 7 days).
  • Guest is 16 years of age or older
  • 7 days are consecutive
  • If they have not used a Health Club previously, a 15 minute appointment with a qualified team member will be included.

4.11 Respecting our equipment

You are responsible for using our facilities and equipment correctly including adjusting levels or settings. If you are not sure how to operate any equipment, please ask our staff before you use it. Note that you will be responsible for any damage that you or your guests cause through a willful act or negligence.

4.12 Liability

To the extent permitted by law, YMCA of Manningham and the City of Manningham shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential injury, loss or damage whatsoever and however rising. YMCA of Manningham and the City of Manningham are not responsible for lost or stolen items or damage to property or vehicles. Acknowledging the risks, you agree to use Aquarena at your own risk.

4.13 Privacy

YMCA Manningham acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals. To view the YMCA Manningham Privacy Policy which describes how we may collect, use and disclose your information, please visit www.aquarena.ymca.org.au 

4.14 Notice

If you wish to notify us in writing about anything relating to this agreement, please email:

aquarena@ymca.org.au or mail: Aquarena Aquatic and Leisure Centre 139-153 Williamsons Rd, Doncaster, 3108

5. Program and Centre Stuff

5.1 Programs and services

All programs and services conducted at Aquarena must be approved by us. This includes activities such as swimming lessons and personal training.

5.2 What do I wear?

We want you to be comfortable! You do need to wear clothing that is suitable for the activity you are doing.

"Suitable clothing" means clothing that allows you to participate safely and effectively in the activity you are doing

We do not allow clothes with offensive language or images or inappropriate advertising.

Enclosed sports shoes are required for dry exercise programs (health club and most group exercise classes)

5.3 Group Exercise Info

For safety and comfort of all class participants:

  • Entry to classes is not permitted any later than 7minutes after a class has started for your safety and the comfort of others.
  • Each class has a maximum number of participants.
  • The minimum age is 14 years
  • Please hand your class ticket to the instructor at the start of your class (you can get your ticket from reception or the group exercise kiosk).
  • Please bring a small towel with you
  • Please let the instructor know at the start of the class if you are pregnant, it is your first time or you have an injury.

We run a reduced Group Exercise timetable during public holidays and holiday periods- so please see reception or our website for details.

5.4 Health Club Info

Please do not hesitate to ask staff for help if you need assistance.


  • Bring a  towel when you are working out (or you can purchase one at reception)
  • Follow usage time limits on equipment
  • Wipe down equipment after use with spray and paper towel provided

5.5 Aquatics area Info

Lap lane availability is available on the Aquarena website.  We do our very best to make sure that it is accurate, however availability may change at short notice due to reasons such as changes to bookings or weather.

The 50 metre pool may sometimes be unavailable due to carnivals or bookings. We'll let you know beforehand when this occurs via our Lap Lane availability listings.  Most carnivals take place in February each year between 10am-3pm Monday-Friday.

For your safety, we close outdoor areas while there is lightning in the area.

5.6 Warm Water Pool Spa/Steam Info

Users must be 16 years or older unless participating in an Aquarena program

When using the spa and/or steam room,  please ensure you wear your member ID or casual wrist band, available from reception

The temperature in this area may lead to heat stress. We recommend whilst in the spa/steam/warm water area that you:

  • Use the area for no more than 15 minutes
  • Drink water regularly
  • Do not exercise
  • Keep your head above water
  • Consult your doctor prior to use if you are pregnant, have circulatory disorders (e.g. heart disease, diabetes), or are taking medication (certain medication may have adverse effects).

5.7 Parking

You park in Aquarena's car park and surrounds at your own risk. We are not liable for any loss or damage to your vehicle or its contents. Aquarena grounds and surrounds are subject to local laws so please take care to park according to car parking signage. Aquarena staff have no authority to remove or waive parking infringements. Please do not park on any nature strips or grass around the facility and be mindful of our residents in regards to parking too close to driveways or noise levels as arriving and departing the facility.

5.8 Smoking, Food and Drink

On Aquarena grounds and in program areas, we do not allow:

  • smoking or vaping
  • glass or alcohol  

We appreciate you not eating food in the health club, group exercise rooms or swimming pools

5.9 Animals

Animals (other than humans and assistance dogs) are not to be brought to Aquarena

5.10 Safety

To make sure that we're ready to handle emergencies, we hold at least two practice evacuations practices each year. We really appreciate your co-operation and understanding during these practices. (We aim to take up no more than 10 minutes of your time).


Agreement means the this direct debit request service agreement between you and us

Aquarena or Centre means Aquarena Aquatic and Leisure Centre

Aquarena's website means www.aquarena@ymca.org.au

Account means the account held at your financial institution from which we are authorized to arrange for funds to be debited.

Us, We, Our, or YMCA of Manningham means YMCA of Manningham Inc.

You means the customer who is signing the agreement

Your financial institution is the financial institution where you hold the account that you have authorized us to arrange debits


Current as of December 2017.