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Mobile fit

Aquarena has gone hi-tech with its newest weapon in the battle to help members achieve their individual goals. 

Welcome to MobileFit, an interactive fitness technology system.The MobileFit workouts adapt and change as the user provides feedback on workouts completed.  Users can log their progress during their workouts at Aquarena or go online at the MobileFit website at anytime in the comfort of their own home.

MobileFit is a web-based exercise system that combines user feedback with recommendations from your trainer to create customized workout plans. Trainers can use the system to prescribe an exercise program based on the user's goals, type of equipment available and type of facilities and classes offered at Aquarena.

Aquarena members do not have to pay extra for MobileFit. Enrollment is included in all health evaluation consultations.

Mobile Fit Login:

Other benefits include:

  • MobileFit uses a dynamic customized workout log, printed on demand from the kiosk.
  • MobileFit breaks down the barriers of intimidation of starting a new program, providing critical training guidance for your members and connecting them to your staff for one-on-one assistance
  • Members can update their profile
  • View/print their workouts
  • Enter feedback
  • View their progress and workout results
  • Send and receive messages to their trainers
  • Earn rewards
  • View Aquarena's library of resource articles on the latest health and fitness topics
  • Request an appointment time with their trainer at anytime in the comfort of their own home

MobileFit screenshots 

Mobilefit 01    Mobilefit 02    Mobilefit 03