• YMCA swimming lessons provide water safety skills for children of all ages.
  • Please note the centre will close at 6pm on Saturday 30th June and the pools will close 15 minutes before the centre does.

Swimming Lesson Terms and Conditions

Swimming Lessons Direct Debit Service Agreement

Welcome and thank-you for choosing YMCA Aquarena swimming lessons.

Our qualified and experienced staff work hard to ensure that every student has the opportunity to learn and develop essential swimming and water safety skills in a friendly and supportive aquatic environment. We look forward to your participation!

Please read through this document carefully. It has a lot of really important stuff. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

1. Money Stuff

1.1) When Do You Pay Swimming Lesson Fees?

Due to overwhelming feedback from our families, from February 1, 2018, direct debit payments will change in frequency from monthly to fortnightly. Your nominated account will be debited every second THURSDAY on an ongoing basis, with these dates pre-set (please ask for a calendar if you need one).

Fees for swimming lessons are ongoing and are paid in advance each fortnight by direct debit from a bank account or credit card that you nominate. If the debit day falls on a public holiday, we may debit your account on the next business day.

Your first payment for your first fortnight (or pro rata / part there of) plus the advertised administration fee is due when you book your swimming lessons.

Fees may take a few days to be charged to your account, so please ensure you have money available.  Your account will continue to be debited until we have received written confirmation that you wish to cancel (see 1.12 How Do I Cancel Swimming Lessons?).

1.2) Can I pay upfront instead?

You can pay upfront for swimming lessons. Please see reception for details.

1.3) Can I change my mind?

This agreement has a seven (7) day cooling off period. We hope you don't want to leave, however we understand circumstances can change, so if you do, please inform us that you wish to cancel by email or in writing within seven (7) days from enrolling and we will refund your initial payment less the administration fee.

1.4) Please remember your commitment:

  • Please make sure that there  is enough money in your account to meet the debit amount  on the debit dates
  • Please make sure that your account is able to accept direct debits
  • Please let us know if your account is transferred or closed
  • Please provide us with new details in writing at least 3 days before a payment day, if you want the debits to be charged to a different account
  • Please check your account statement to make sure that the amounts debited from your account are correct

1.5) Some key points:

If we do not enforce our agreement rights at any time, it does not mean we have waived those rights, no matter how long we wait.

If there is an error or miscalculation in the Direct Debit Service Agreement Form, we have seven (7) days from when the agreement starts, to fix it.

1.6) What happens if a payment fails or is rejected?

If a debit fails, we will try to contact you via SMS, email, phone or in writing and ask you to pay (e.g. by making a cash payment at reception).

If we don't receive payment within seven (7) days, we may suspend your access and make alternative arrangements with you, until payments are up to date and you have provided us with valid account details. Some costs may need to be charged to you, such as bank fees and interest, so please ensure you assist us in resolving failed payments quickly.

If a debit fails because there is not enough money in your account, you may be charged a fee and/or interest by your financial institution.

If we have not received payment within 30 days, we may cancel your swimming lessons. We will use our best endeavours to confirm this in writing. If you would like to rejoin our lessons, we will require all outstanding fees to be paid before starting again.  We will do our best, but we can't guarantee that the same place will be available.

1.7) Can the agreement be changed?

From time to time, we may need to make changes to this agreement. We will ensure we give you at least 30 days notice of any changes by writing to you at your last email or postal address that you have given us. Please ensure to keep us up to date so you don't miss out on important information. We will consider that you have received our notice or email on the second business day after it is sent.

1.8) Can fees be increased?

We generally review fees each year. We endeavor to keep our fees to a minimum and to remain competitive, however unfortunately costs do increase. We may need to increase fees from time to time but will let you know of any changes in fees at least 30 days beforehand by writing to you at your last email or postal address that you have given us. We will consider that you have received our notice or email on the second business day after it is sent.

1.9) How do I query a payment?

If you have a query about a payment, please contact us directly on (03) 9848 000 so that we can assist you. Alternatively please email or write to us attention to "Swim School Administration". Please allow up to five days for any written correspondence (we will endeavor to respond as quickly as possible).

If there has been an error and a refund is due, we will arrange a prompt refund for the incorrect amount. We will also refund you any fees or interest you have been charged due to the error. Please ensure you supply proof, such as a copy of your bank statement showing the fees that have been charged.

You can also refer queries about payments to your financial institution, which will handle your query in line with its own policies.

1.10) Am I still charged if we don't attend swimming lessons?

Yes you are still charged even if you don't attend.

However you can suspend swimming lessons (see 2.8 Can I suspend swimming lessons?), or book up to 4 make-up lessons per year (see 2.9 Make-up Lessons). For how to cancel swimming lessons, please see 1.12 (How do I cancel swimming lessons?)

1.11) How do I change account details?

Please inform us in writing or complete a form at reception at least three (3) days before a debit day so we don't miss the debit run. Thank you!

1.12) How Do I Cancel Swimming Lessons?

Please let us know by email or in writing, or complete a form at reception. We do require 14 days' notice which may mean your final amount is a pro rata amount.

If fees are debited to a cheque or savings account, you may also cancel by advising your Financial Institution.  Please note: The administration fee is payable again if you cancel swimming lessons and decide to return so maybe consider suspension or make up lessons as an alternative.

1.13) Cancelling if we change this Agreement or increase fees

You may choose to cancel your swimming lessons if we

  • Change or add to this agreement in a way that adversely affects you
  • Increase fees

Please note that changes to classes including times and teachers are not considered changes to this agreement. We will require the details of how the change adversely impacts you in writing and as per cancellation (see 1.12), we will require 14 days' notice in writing.

Unless the law states otherwise, you won't have any other claim against us if this happens.

1.14) Cancelling if we are in breach of our obligations to you

You can cancel swimming lessons if:

  • We breach our obligations to you under these terms and conditions and
  • We don't fix the breach within a reasonable period of time after you have informed us of the breach in writing

We will refund you any swim lesson fees you have paid between the date you have notified us of the breach and the date on which we decide that we cannot fix the breach.


2. Swimming Lesson Stuff

We run extra fun Aquaplay classes for children 6 months and up. Aquaplay classes are a great way to get your little ones ready for the water and are paid for casually before each class. We run learn to swim lessons for children aged from 12 months through to adults of any age. You will love it here!

2.1) Enrolling under 18 years of age

We ask that a parent or guardian signs the Swimming Lesson Agreement for students who are under 18 years of age.  Have you ever tried to decipher a three year old's signature?

2.2) When are swimming lessons run?

Weekly swimming lessons are held for 48 weeks each calendar year. Lessons are not held on public holidays so you can enjoy a break.

We understand that families need a re-charge and a break and therefore there is a four (4) week Summer no-lesson period each year over December and January. We encourage you to continue to come down with the family and practice in the water and make use of the amazing facilities at Aquarena if you are still around. Students have complimentary access with only a nominal fee for the use of the large slides. A yearly calendar will be published on the Aquarena website showing all key dates for the year.

2.3) Can students use the pools at Aquarena?

Of course! Students may swim at Aquarena outside of lesson times and we hope they do! It is a great opportunity to practice swimming skills and have some fun. There is a small additional fee for the water slides and doesn't include warm water pool, spa or steam room. Please remember, you or another adult may swim for free when you are accompanying a student who is under 5 years of age.

To check pool availability, please see the lap lane information on our Aquarena website or lap lane brochure available at reception.

2.4) How do I change classes?

If you wish to change class time or teacher, please contact reception or the Teacher In Charge. If we cannot move the student immediately, we can place the student on a waitlist for your preferred class/time and let you know when available. We thank you in advance for your patience whilst we work this out for you.

2.5) Can Aquarena make changes to classes?

Whilst we strive for teacher consistency, it may sometimes be necessary to schedule replacement teachers due to reasons such as illness or leave. We may also need to change the student's class day, time, level or teacher.

If we cancel a swimming lesson (e.g. teacher is ill and a replacement is not available), we will attempt to let you know and we will offer you a refund or credit for the cancelled lesson. We thank you in advance for your understanding should this occur.

2.6) When are students upgraded to the next level?

We continually assess student progress on a regular basis. When a student has completed a level we will give them a certificate of achievement (and celebrate!). We will book them into a new class at a day and time that suits you. If a suitable day or time cannot be found, we will place them on a wait list and let you know when a place in your preferred class becomes available. Please speak to the Teacher In Charge if you have any questions about student progress or would like an additional assessment. We are only too happy to help.

2.7) How do students access the centre?

We will take a photo of each student and issue them with an Aquarena ID card. Please bring the card for student entry in to the centre and scan the card at the gates or at reception. The card cannot be lent to or used by anyone else.  Please let us know if you have lost or misplaced the card. For a nominal fee we will replace the card. (Our current fees are listed on our website).

2.8) Can I suspend swimming lessons?

Yes absolutely. You can suspend your swimming lesson enrolment for a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 28 consecutive days during the Summer no-lesson period in December and January. You can also suspend for a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 28 consecutive days each calendar year during lesson periods (for reasons such as holidays, school camps, or if you just want to take a break). Please note there is a nominal suspension fee of $5.00 per fortnight payable in advance by direct debit.

To suspend, simply notify us by email, or in writing, giving 14 days' notice and include the start and end dates of the suspension.   

We will consider retrospective (backdated) suspension requests due to medical reasons only. To apply for a medical suspension, notify us by email or in writing, with a supporting medical certificate. However the start date of the suspension for backdated requests must not be any earlier than 4 weeks before we receive your application.  If we approve the medical suspension, we will put a credit to the value of the missed lessons on your account minus suspension fees. This credit can only be used for swim lessons. We are not able to provide cash refunds. If we do not approve the medical suspension, we will write to you and explain why. Inform us if the student is not able to return at the end of the suspension period.  We will remove them from the class and do our best to re-enrol them into a suitable class when they are able to return.

If your suspension is for 14 or 28 days and does not align exactly with our direct debit payment dates, we will reduce debit payments in 2 week blocks instead of charging you pro rata amounts. Standard fees will start again immediately after the end date of the suspension.

2.9) Make Up Lessons

A great way to make up for a class when a student has been unable to attend a swim lesson, or their swim lesson falls on a public holiday (and their swim enrolment is not suspended). Students can attend up to four (4) make up lessons per year. (If make-up lessons are not used in a year, they are not carried over to the following year).

Special make-up lessons are held (usually during the first week of school holidays and 1 weekend during the school term).  We will publish a make-up lesson timetable on the Aquarena website or please ask one of our Teachers In Charge (TIC).

Please book make-up lessons by contacting reception or the Teacher In Charge on pool deck. We also encourage students to practice aquatic skills outside of lesson times by taking advantage of free access to swimming pools.

Please note: We will endeavor to assist with all requests, however we cannot guarantee a place in make-up lessons. We do not offer compensation if a make-up lesson is full, the dates/time of make-up lessons do not suit you or you do not attend a booked make-up lesson.

2.10) Do parents need to participate in lessons?

A parent or another adult is required to participate in the following classes: Periwinkle, Minnow, Starfish, and Tadpole. For children and those with additional needs (please see below), we ask that an adult is close by watching lessons and encourage mobiles and books are put away to support their enjoyment and safety.

2.11) Do I need to stay and watch?

For Lessons:

You or another responsible parent/guardian must accompany students under ten (10) years old into the centre and stay close by, within view of  the swimming teacher, in case your assistance is needed (e.g. if your child needs to go to the toilet, or becomes ill, or the lesson is cancelled due to teacher illness or emergency). It's also a great way to celebrate the improvements of each child, we ask that mobile phones and books are put away during this time.

For Swimming Outside of Lesson Times:

Children under ten (10) must be accompanied into the centre by a responsible person 16 years or older. They must be constantly and actively supervised. We ask that they are positioned so they have a clear view of the child with no physical or structural barriers between them/you and the child. 

For children over ten (10) parents must use their knowledge of the child's swimming ability and general development to determine the level of accompaniment and supervision required.

Children under five (5) years old must be accompanied into the centre by a responsible person 16 years or older. They must be constantly and actively supervised during recreational play within arm's reach.

2.12) Are the teachers qualified?

All of our swimming teachers hold Austswim qualifications and have the opportunity for regular development.

3. Detailed stuff

3.1) Health Risks

If you believe that swimming lessons might risk the health of the student, you must tell us in writing with full details. We may require you to provide a letter from a doctor, indicating that the student is fit to do swimming lessons, before the student can begin or continue their lessons. We thank you in advance for your support and understanding.

3.2) Managing Infections and Illnesses

Students are not to attend swimming lessons if they have an infection or illness that requires them to be excluded from school or childcare.  (Please see http://ideas.health.vic.gov.au/bluebook.asp for exclusion guidelines)

3.3) Can I take photos?

Please speak to the teacher at the start of the lesson if you would like to take photos of your child in swim lessons. The teacher will arrange a photo opportunity at the start or end of the lesson. To protect the privacy of others, you must not take photos of other people without their consent or other children without their parent's consent. Mobile phones, video cameras or cameras are not allowed to be used in changerooms and we appreciate your understanding in regards to this.                                                

3.4) Safeguarding Children and Young People  

We have a range of policies and procedures to keep children and young people safe. These policies are available at www.aquarena.ymca.org.au. Staff are required to report any disclosures or concerns about the safety or wellbeing of a child or young person. We also encourage parents/guardians to report any concerns relating to the safety or wellbeing of their child(ren) or young person. This can be done  by:

a)       speaking to our staff  or

b)      contacting the YMCA Manningham Child Protection Officer  Ph:9848 0000

Email: aquarena@ymca.org.au,  Mail: Aquarena Child Protection Officer, 139-153 Williamsons Rd, Doncaster 3108

3.5) GST

All fees are GST inclusive where applicable

3.6)  If any part of this agreement is or becomes legal, void or unenforceable, the rest of the agreement will still be valid

3.7) Some other important stuff:

We are committed to staff and customer well-being and safety. We therefore ask:
• Please treat staff and other customers with courtesy and respect. We do not tolerate behavior that is abusive, harassing or bullying or threatening
• Please follow staff directions and centre rules as outlined in writing and on signage. Your safety and comfort is our priority.
• Please be honest and accurate in your dealings with us. We promise to do so with you.

3.8) Refusing entry and/or Instant cancellation

We can refuse entry to anyone (we don't like doing that though), including students and their parents or guardians, if they act unreasonably or do not follow the important stuff. We will endeavour to issue a warning, but this isn't always possible under extreme circumstances.

We may cancel this agreement (and therefore your swim lessons) if you or the supervising person or the student behaves in a way that we believe is unsafe or seriously inappropriate such as:

  • Acting in a way that risks the safety of yourself or others
  • Threatening , bullying, harassing or racially vilifying others
  • Using illegal drugs

If this has occurred, you will need our approval before you can enroll into swimming lessons again.  Should this occur and you would like to be reconsidered, please write to the YMCA Manningham Inc. CEO, care of Aquarena, 139-153 Williamsons Rd, Doncaster 3108 to seek approval to book into swimming lessons again.

3.9) Liability

To the extent permitted by law, YMCA of Manningham and the City of Manningham shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential injury, loss or damage whatsoever and however rising. YMCA of Manningham and the City of Manningham are not responsible for lost or stolen items or damage to property or vehicles. Acknowledging the risks, you agree to use Aquarena at your own risk.

3.10) Privacy

YMCA Manningham acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals. To view the YMCA Manningham Privacy Policy which describes how we may collect, use and disclose your information, please visit www.aquarena.ymca.org.au 

3.11) How to contact us in writing

If you wish to notify us in writing about anything relating to this agreement, please email:

aquarena@ymca.org.au or mail: Aquarena Aquatic and Leisure Centre 139-153 Williamsons Rd, Doncaster,3108

3.12) Definitions

Agreement means the direct debit request service agreement between you and us

Aquarena or Centre, means Aquarena Aquatic and Leisure Centre, 139-153 Williamsons Road, Doncaster, 3108

Aquarena's website means www.aquarena@ymca.org.au

Account means the account held at your financial institution from which we are authorized to arrange for funds to be debited.

Day means a day other than Saturday or Sunday or public holiday listed throughout Australia

Debit Day means the day that payment by you to us is due

Direct Debit request means the direct debit request between us and you

You means the customer who is signing the agreement

Your financial institution is the financial institution where you hold the account that you have authorized us to arrange debits

Student means child or adult identified as "student" on the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement Form  

YMCA of Manningham, "Us" or "We" means YMCA of Manningham Inc, ABN: 18 148 685 455