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Infant and Preschool lessons

Infant Program

  • Starfish (6-12 months) (Parental participation required)
  • Periwinkle (12 - 24 months) (Parental participation required)
  • Minnow (2 - 3 years) (Parental participation required)
  • Class size: 7 parents/guardians and children

Class Duration: 27 minutes.
Participation of a parent/responsible person over the age of 16 is an essential element of these age based water familiarization classes. Infants and their parents are encouraged to experience and explore the aquatic environment. These classes also provide valuable water safety education for parents.       

Preschool Program (3 years to school attendance)

  • Tadpole (Parental participation required)
  • Goldfish
  • Flying Fish

Class size: Tadpole: 6 parents/guardians and 6 students, Goldfish & Flying Fish: 6 students. 

Class Duration: 27 minutes.

Tadpole is the beginner level for preschool aged children, and requires the participation of a parent/responsible person over the age of 16. Children are placed into Goldfish and Flying Fish classes according to their skills. These classes begin the transition from water familiarization to more traditional swimming and water safety skills. 

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